REVIEW: Nowhere by Jon Robinson

09 July 2013

Series: Nowhere #1
Publishers: Puffin
Published: July 4th 2013
Pages: 259
Book: For Review*
Format: Finished Copy
Genre: Young Adult (YA), Thriller
Reviewed For: Spinebreakers
"No one's coming for us.
Not our families, not the police.
No one."
Alyn, Jes, Ryan and Elsa are Nowhere. A concrete cube in the middle of a dense forest. Imprisoned inside are one hundred teenagers from all over the country. 
They're all criminals. But none of them remember committing any crimes. Who has put them there. What do their captors want? And how will they ever break free?
Nowhere was a disappointing read for me. I thought it would be good, judging from the blurb (yep - never doing that again!).  It sounded tense and action packed and while it was - a bit. The lack of character development, made this book fall short of my expectations. Because there were so many POV's, and they kept switching, i felt i could never really connect with any of the characters and i hate that. I find that if i can't connect with the characters then i can't get into the book because  i can't fully experience what they are experiencing and i can't feel how they feel. All the characters seemed to blend into one and although i really did enjoy bits of the story, i really don't think i will remember them. Or the characters...I was grateful that the book was short. Because it was a quick read I was able to read it in one night and i think if it had been longer then my expectations would have fallen even lower.
Saying all this though. I think the book would be perfect for people who love very plot orientated books and aren't worried about a lot of character development ect. as i gave this book to my little brother who likes action and not much description and he loved it...
In conclusion Nowhere is not a book i plan on reading again any time soon. It had bland characters and not much description and everything happened too fast...BUT. I think the ideal age range for this book is not mine. So let's hope the people who the book is aimed at love it!
Quote Love:
"A brave man is just a fool who gets lucky"

The Word:
Nowhere had great potential. The blurb hints at great things but when you read it it feels a bit...flat. I've read so many amazing books in this genre and this one doesn't make the cut for me. It doesn't make you feel anything. It's a book you read. Then promptly forget.

{do you guys think i was to harsh?....}
*thanks to Spinebreakers for providing me with a copy to review honestly


  1. Okay... I'm writing this comment for the THIRD time so you should feel pretty loved ;) Twitter cheerleader, beta reader, book buddy at your service! *salutes*

    It is such a shame that Nowhere disappointed you... like the title, this book sounds like it is going nowhere :/ This book is on my way for review... gah! Hopefully I'll enjoy it more than you! The synopsis, like you said, definitely has a lot of potential. GREAT REVIEW, HAWWA <3


      YES I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
      but thank you. xx

  2. Thanks for the honest review (and no, you weren't harsh). Character connection is a big thing for me, A MUST. So it's a shame that that wasn't happening in Nowhere. At least it was short. It doesn't look like my sorta book all though the blurb sounded promising :D

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

    1. YES IT IS SO IMPORTANT! just didn't work for me. :( thanks for commenting! x

  3. You weren't harsh! It's our job as book bloggers to be honest with our reviews and yours came out really well. Sorry you didn't enjoy the book very much!

  4. thank you Amber. :) Yeah..i'm kinda sad too as it sounded so promising. :((

  5. What? Where do my comment go? I was the first commenter!!! Boo! :( Anyway, I agree that the characters were awfully developed! It's a pity, because the story line has potential! The reasons gave it 4 stars is because I can't deny it was a page turner for me! But I totally agree with the characters. I did also like the writing style though, I thought it was...different, and I like that! Great review, and of course you're not being too harsh. Trust me, I've been much harsher *cough* Thriteen Reasns Why *cough* ;D

    1. REALLY? i never got a comment. ;P blogger has been messing up though, zoe had to comment 3 times before it worked? O___O
      Hmm....*flips through books checking out the writing style*
      Lol really? WHERE IS THE REVIEW I WANT TO READ IT! I read that wasn't THAT bad was it?!....Thanks for commenting. :DD

  6. No, you were honest, not harsh at all! ;)

    Your wee brother likes to read?! My brother hates reading! Maybe I should disown him... Hmmm...

    Anyways, it's a shame this book fell short. I hate it when a book has so much potential but doesn't live up to it. It's just, argghhh, frustrating! :( I also tend not to connect with any of the characters if there are multiple POVs...

    Great review! :D

    1. thank you!

      eerrr....sometimes? and even then its like. SERIOUS baby books...>.< but my older bro hasn't read anything - other than stuff on his phone and work books - for like a year so... O______________O

      yes i find that too! Although in Scarlet there are three different POV's...i can handle that. ;) it depends how its written really. :)

      thanks for commenting!

  7. I haven't read Nowhere or any of Jon Robinson's books so I have no idea what to expect. But I think your reasons for not liking it seem reasonable. I probably won't read it :P

    ~Taherah @ Books As You Know It

    1. Thanks, may like it! I know people who have! :D

  8. Oh I don't think you were too harsh! I don't like writing negative reviews either, but its important to be honest. After all, reviews are for readers, not authors. :)

    I liked the sound of this book, but I think I'll pass on it now. Sorry to hear that it was such a disappointment for you though. I hope your next read is more satisfying!

    1. True. :) Thank you, It is actually which i'm glad about! Yeah...WHY ARE BLURBS SO DECEPTIVE?! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. I had exactly the same problems with this book you had! The characters were definitely bland. But anywho, great review and I will forever be in awe of how perfect your gif choices are! :D

  10. Hi Hawwa! Great review but sorry you didn't enjoy it as much! I'm a new follower and I really love your blog!! xx

    Erika @

    1. Thank you. :) I just checked out your blog and it's awesome! :)

  11. I really enjoyed reading this book. Yes, the book did keep switching from one person to the other, however the ending was action packed and exciting as hell, wouldn't you agree? The blurb is rather misleading, I loved to read about what you thought about this book. It isn't very popular on goodreads either:) (love your blog)

  12. As far as me being a member here, I wasn’t aware that I was a member for any days, actually. When the article was published I received a notification, so that I could participate in Comments, so perhaps that is it. But we’re certainly all members in the world of ideas.


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