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09 June 2013

so i saw this tag a long long while ago on i can't even remember which blog and i always meant to do it, then i kept getting side-tracked by social media. but now i'm finally doing it so hurrah!
there is only one rule for this tag, and that is this: you have to answer with as little words as possible, preferably one word answers. and knowing my tendency to ramble on - this is going to be hard!

best book blogging friend? goodgriefthisisnotfairbutohmygoodnesswellithinkillhavetosayZOEsorrykyraandrachel.
what did you do when you received your first ever book to review? hyperventilated..
two book pet peeves? swearing and INSTA-LOVE. #nuffsaid

favourite gif to go with your 'awesome review'? 

favourite gif to go with your 'terrible' review? 

worst part of blogging? takesupsomuchTIMEandissoADDICTIVE
have you ever been plagiarized? yes
your favourite blogging ''attire''? PYJAMAS!
that book (cover) you got sent that you loved so much you hugged..? Wildthorn by Jane Eagland
worst habit when it comes to lending someone a book? 
me: so where are you?
them: page -
me: oh my gosh that bits so good.
five minutes later..
me: where are you in the book?
them: page -
me: you've read hardly anything! have you got to the bit where...*talks about a really important part of book*
them: no, *death stare*
me: oh, well it's really good.
two minutes later:
me: so where are you now?
them: *walks off*
what generally happens when you are within range of books? 
in the wise words of Zoe, this is what happens:
me: *walks past a library/bookstore*
me: *breathes in heavily*
mum: NO
if i hadn't started my book blog i would have... been killed by my parents||siblings||friends for annoying them with my constant book talk never have made such awesome friends.

so there you have it. i think i managed to do the 'least words as possible part' perfectly didn't i!
have you done this tag? if not then link me up if you do!

-xo off to read-


  1. I LOVE THOSE GIFS! And Zoe's words are very wise indeed. :) Your answers for this tag are amazing and I'm totally the same when it comes to lending people books..! :D

  2. Bahaha I totally see what you did there scrunching up those words so it'd be harder to read but you don't have me fooled! ;D I also love that gif you use for bad reviews that's hilarious omg.

    Fantastic post!! :)

  3. LOL, the first Gif is hilarious!

  4. Gosh! I laughed sooo much at this post! I might even do it myself!! ;)


    As you probably know, I am a massive fan of GIFs so I laughed at loud at the 'terrible review' one. And I act the exact same when lending people books xD

    And my words are wise? Why thank you ;) But yeah... it happens all the time...


  6. Oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing Hawwa, you're so funny! And I'll forgive you about the best blogging friend thing becuase you wrote this post a while ago, but I think we all know you're best blogging friend is now...

    As Zoe would say:


    1. really? i am? YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT BEFORE!..;p Yeah..of new best bloggy friend is ...


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