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31 May 2013

Hi, I'm Ruby and I blog over at Feed Me Books Now! It's amazing to be guest blogging for such a beautiful blog *steals blog and runs away never to return*... but no, *reluctantly returns blog* I'm here to do a post about book cover lust; because, and let's be honest here, who doesn't judge a book by its cover?! And if you're thinking "I don't"and you're shaking your head, then you're lying! You definitely wouldn't be in Candor. ANYWAY, onwards with this guest post. As far as I know, we all have our own preference for book covers, just as we each have a different sense of style and taste in clothing. Whilst some of us love to break the spine of a novel displaying an immaculate girl in a long flowing dress... the rest of us will always steer clear of books like that. Personally, I love simplistic designs with elegant or interesting font – but then again, others would find that utterly boring. It really does depend on what styles you like when it comes to covers... And so this is where the "lust" part comes into it... Sometimes I see a book, and I just lunge towards it, buying/borrowing it before I have time to properly read the blurb. While sometimes I really love the book (like with Out of the Easy), other times, I wish that my lust for the cover hadn't got the better of me (like with Ink).  So yes, I have to admit, I am one of those people who will easily fall head-over-heels in love with a book cover... And so, I've made a little puzzle for all of you (feel free to answer it in the comments below). I've put small sections of my favourite covers in a collage, and so it's up to you to name all the different books! (Just as a side note, in my opinion, all the covers are GORGEOUS)!
 How many of those covers can you name? And do you too suffer from a severe case of "book cover lust"?

Thank you for letting me do this guest post, I had a lot of fun writing it! :D
Thank you Ruby, that was an amazing guest post. :) And if you haven't already, pop over to her blog, you won't regret it. :)


  1. Number 6 is The 5th Wave, no. 9 is Shadow and Bone! Muhaha, I already read your review on that Ruby! And the others...well I'm quite embarrassed to admit I have no idea...*Awkwardly shuffles out of the room shamefully*

  2. Lovely Blog, Ruby is pure awesomeness. And I agree, people are lying if they don't admit that the cover does have a impact. I love a pretty cover, especially with a good, fancy or sophisticated font - as I'm a bit of a font addict. Not in order I can spot: The Diviners, Eleanor and Park, The 5th Wave, Dash and Lily's book of Dares (I think!), The Weight of Water, Shadow and Bone, Harry Potter, This is what happy looks like and The Night Circus. Fab Post :D

  3. I honestly think covers with girls in pretty dress are beautiful but sometimes they are a bit misleading and they have nothing to do with the book. Just like Ruby, I like simple covers with interesting font too like Speechless by Hannah Harrington. But I can't resist covers with beautiful color combination like Wither by Lauren De Stefano. I think at some points we all judge a book by its cover. :)

    Ooh let me try guessing the cover:
    1. The Diviners by Libba Bray (I would know that eye anywhere ;)
    6. The 5th Wave!
    7. This is What Happy Looks Like
    9. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo?
    11. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

    I don't kow some of these covers but I think I have seen number 2 and 3 before...

  4. Hehe you guys have got most of them right so far! Except there's no Harry Potter to be seen Sunny... ;)

    Only 2, 4, 10 & 8 left! :D

  5. 1. The Diviners 2. - 3. Eleanor & Park 4. Love and Other Perishable Items 5. The Weight of Water 6. The 5th Wave 7. This is What Happy Looks Like 8. - 9. Shadow and Bone 10. Between Shades of Grey 11. The Night Circus 12. Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
    I love most of these covers! I especially like numbers 3 and 4 as they are so simple yet eye-catching!

  6. These are some of my favourite covers! I can spot Grisha artwork a mile away. The only one I'm not too sure about here is number 10. What is it?? ;)

  7. Without looking at previous comments, here are my answers.

    1) The Diviners
    2) Seraphina - I really didn't like this one unfortunately :(
    3) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? Just a guess...
    4) --
    5) --
    6) The 5th Wave
    7) That one by Jennifer E. Smith! Ooooh, dang it, forgot the name! :(
    8) --
    9) Shadow and Bone?
    10) --
    11) The Night Circus
    12) --

    Think I did kind-of rubbish but oh well! Great guest post! :D

  8. OMG EBONY BLACK LINES IS "IT WAS LOVELY READING YOU"! I'm sorry I had no idea, I was literally thinking "What happened to Ebony Black Lines, I loved that blog" and then I found out that you hadn't left the blogosphere yay!!!!!!!!!! I thought this blog was run by someone else. Hello again. Sorry I kinda spazed there.

  9. 1. The Diviners
    2. Seraphina
    3. Eleanor and Park
    4. ?
    5. The Weight of Water
    6. The 5th Wave
    7. This is what Happy looks like
    8. Midwinterblood
    9. Shadow and Bone
    10. ?
    11. The Night Circus
    12. ?

    That was fun!
    I love to look at the different covers in the library. My all time favourite covers are the Night Circus and The Book Thief!
    Marian ^_^ x

  10. Easy Peesy.

    1. The Diviners
    2. Seraphina
    3. Eleanor & Park
    4. Love And Other Perishable Items
    5. The Weight of Water
    6. The Fifth Wave
    7. This Is What Happy Looks Like
    8. Midwinterblood
    9. Shadow and Bone
    10. Between Shades of Grey
    11. The Night Circus
    12. Dash and Lily's Book Of Dares

    And I did that without looking at any of the comments. I knew them all because I'm OBSESSED with book covers! Oh, can I just say whoever made that graphic, I bow down to you! Great post guys! :)

    1. Ruby did...:)) wow...well..yeah..ALL CORRECT! ;p


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