book cover lust || a guest post by ruby

31 May 2013

Hi, I'm Ruby and I blog over at Feed Me Books Now! It's amazing to be guest blogging for such a beautiful blog *steals blog and runs away never to return*... but no, *reluctantly returns blog* I'm here to do a post about book cover lust; because, and let's be honest here, who doesn't judge a book by its cover?! And if you're thinking "I don't"and you're shaking your head, then you're lying! You definitely wouldn't be in Candor. ANYWAY, onwards with this guest post. As far as I know, we all have our own preference for book covers, just as we each have a different sense of style and taste in clothing. Whilst some of us love to break the spine of a novel displaying an immaculate girl in a long flowing dress... the rest of us will always steer clear of books like that. Personally, I love simplistic designs with elegant or interesting font – but then again, others would find that utterly boring. It really does depend on what styles you like when it comes to covers... And so this is where the "lust" part comes into it... Sometimes I see a book, and I just lunge towards it, buying/borrowing it before I have time to properly read the blurb. While sometimes I really love the book (like with Out of the Easy), other times, I wish that my lust for the cover hadn't got the better of me (like with Ink).  So yes, I have to admit, I am one of those people who will easily fall head-over-heels in love with a book cover... And so, I've made a little puzzle for all of you (feel free to answer it in the comments below). I've put small sections of my favourite covers in a collage, and so it's up to you to name all the different books! (Just as a side note, in my opinion, all the covers are GORGEOUS)!
 How many of those covers can you name? And do you too suffer from a severe case of "book cover lust"?

Thank you for letting me do this guest post, I had a lot of fun writing it! :D
Thank you Ruby, that was an amazing guest post. :) And if you haven't already, pop over to her blog, you won't regret it. :)

REVIEW: siege by sarah mussi

21 May 2013

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published: March 7th 2013
Pages: 400
Book: For Review*
Format: Hardcover, Finished Copy
Genre: Young Adult (YA), Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller

Spoilers: To view the spoiler just highlight between the two asterisks*
Leah Jackson - in detention. Then armed Year 9s burst in, shooting. She escapes, just. But the new Lock Down system for keeping intruders out is now locking everyone in. She takes to the ceilings and air vents with another student, Anton, and manages to use her mobile to call out to the world. 
First: survive the gang - the so-called 'Eternal Knights'.
Second: rescue other kids taken hostage, and one urgently needing medical help. 
Outside, parents gather, the army want intelligence, television cameras roll, psychologists give opinions, sociologists rationalize, doctors advise - and they all want a piece of Leah. Soon her phone battery is running out; the SAS want her to reconnoiter the hostage area ... But she is guarding a terrifying conviction. Her brother, Connor, is at the center of this horror. Is he with the Eternal Knights or just a pawn?
She remembers. All those times Connor reached out for help ... If she'd listened, voiced her fears about him earlier, would things be different now? Should she give up her brother?
With only Anton for company, surviving by wits alone, Leah wrestles with the terrible choices ...

"If I don't shout maybe I can save myself, save the rest of us. But I don't know how I can just look on and watch a murder. Can you do that? Can you look on and do nothing? It feels like I ought to do something. It feels like all of this was because we all just stood by and did nothing.."

do not, i repeat, do not. read this book before going to bed: it will give you nightmares. 
make sure you have plenty of time to read this in one sitting, because it is impossible to put down.

I did not ''enjoy'' this book. 
At all. I don't think anyone who's read this really enjoyed the book.
It's a book that will leave you numb, and raw, and will take you on a wild, emotional roller-coaster ride but to enjoy it? Firstly, you mustn't have a heart if you take pleasure in reading about 14 year old kids shooting people at random. Secondly, errrm. yeah. you mustn't have a heart.
During this book i sometimes had to stop and just stare into the distance, trying to shake of my feelings of panic, and fear, and total desperation; because i felt inside the story. 
I was Leah Jackson. I was hiding up in the ceiling to get away from the shootings, I was watching havoc reign below me; I was panicking over my brother, Connor, and I was hopelessly trying to convince myself he wasn't in on it, he couldn't be in on it all. And failing.
When a book pulls me into the action and feel the emotions of the main character i automatically give the book a thumbs up, and that's what happened with this book. Although while it made me feel all this pain, and rage, and tension, a few things irked me slightly.
One was the little bits of bad language dotted around. If you read my reviews you'll know even the slightest bit of bad language puts me off: i just feel like it is never necessary, there are other ways to convey feelings than by mouthing off at the situation; however, in this case, it was understandable, yet i still didn't really like it.
Secondly, although it was a main part of the plot, i felt like there was a slight bit of ''politics'' underlying the story-line, i don't know. *just the fact that the government was behind it all maybe me feel slightly uncomfortable, like when reading about how the Capitol is the ''bad place'' in The Hunger Games and that President Snow is so controlling and kills children just to instill fear into the public*..but maybe i'm just reading too much into it...
Overall, Siege was an intense and disturbing read and will snatch you into the story within a matter of seconds. And the end, while, i thought, obvious, was still an emotional, and a powerful way to finish. This story will shock you, scare you and make you live the life of Leah Jackson; a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.

NOTE: so i don't think people understood me when i said i didn't 'enjoy' the book. I did. Not in the dictionary (''to experience with joy'') definition though. This was no joyful, fluffy, happy, book. It was dark and full of gruesome little details. But i didn't dislike the book.

*thank you to Hodder for sending me this to review. I apologize for the wait and the short-ish review. I am currently in the middle of exams but i felt bad for not reviewing this as soon as i had read it so i took a break from learning about the production of penicillin and wrote this instead!
Good luck to everyone taking exams and please excuse my absence from the blogosphere, i hope to be back very soon with a less disturbing book review of Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon!

playing with emotions: tag

19 May 2013

So i saw this on Zoe's blog (Bookhi) a few days ago and i thought it looked fun so here's my offering!

1) Which book made you happy? Any book by Shannon Hale, but especially The Goose Girl: if you haven't read it then you need to! It's amazingly written and just..oh..just read it. :)

2) Which book made you feel sad?
Sad in a good way: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, if you've read it you'll know why. :) I don't think i've read many books that were sad in a particularly bad way, but Wonder by R.J Palacio made me sad as well.

3) What book made you feel angry? 
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Septys. It's a book about war, and fear, and pain, and sadness and made me seeth with anger when i read it, as it talks about the evil people in the world, and what they will do if they want power.

4) What book makes you feel nostalgic?
Enid Blyton's books. Whenever i read them i just remember when i was younger: they used to be my favourite books. The Famous Five, The St Clare's Series, The Malory Towers Series, The Secret Seven, i read them all!

5) Which book scared you? 
Siege by Sarah Mussi (review to come) game me the chills. It was really frightening  and action-packed and made you feel. As you read it i could just imagine myself being in Leah's situation. And it wasn't a very nice one i can tell you!

6 ) Which book surprised you? 
1984 by George Orwell. I never really liked Animal Farm so when my dad suggested i read 1984 i was initially very dubious, but we are in the middle of it at the moment and i am the one pushing my dad to read it! (we have a family book that we read most evenings - it's my dad's way of introducing us to different genres and getting us to read books we wouldn't usually pick up ourselves.)

7) What book made you feel disappointed? 
Errrrmm.....Aahh...Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne. I had read some really good things about it when i first looked it up before deciding to accept it to read but when i read it i didn't really like it at all. I'm not a fan of books that have romance as the center plot when there are far more interesting things going on at the time: like MEGA TSUNAMIS!

Ok so that's me done. What did you think of my answers? Have you done one of these tags? If so, leave a link and i'll check it out!

REVIEW: The Pocket Scavenger by Keri Smith

14 May 2013

Publisher: Penguin Publishing
Published: May 7th 2013
Pages: 208
Book: For Review*
Format: Finished Copy
Genre: Create, Hobbies, To-do.
Reviewed For: Spinebreakers
From the creator of Wreck This Journal, an exploration into the creative process and chance...
Within the pages of The Pocket Scavenger, you’ll be instructed to go on an unusual scavenger hunt, collecting a spectrum of random items: something that is miniature, a stain that is green, something from the year you were born, a used envelope, and more. Once your quarry is in hand, you’ll apply an alteration dictated solely by chance: create a funny character, make it into a building, conceal it, add polka-dots, remove a section, add stripes, scribble on top, fold, turn into an article of clothing, make it pretty,” and so on.
The results: you’ll be forced out of habitual ways of thinking or acting, discover new connections, and try things you might not have done on your own, creating a version of The Pocket Scavenger that is unique, dependent on time, place, experience, and you.

-From Goodreads
I was so excited when i got the opportunity to review this book for Spinebreakers. I'd heard so much about Wreck This Journal (which i really really really really want.) which she'd also done so when i finally got this book in the post  i jumped up and down in delight.
Now, this is the first journal-type-book i've ever had so please do not judge my ability to complete the pages but, i thought i'd do a more 'involved review to give you a little insight into the book, and show you the first couple of pages that i did when i first got it..but don't scroll down yet! read the rest of the review first!
So, the book. I found it hard to get into at first because it was going against what i'm used to; being a perfectionist. The book encourages people to push against the boundaries of 'normal' creativity and make something unique; which i think is good for people like me as it brings us out of our comfort zone.
The book is layed out with chapters, and you have to collect something different for each chapter. At the bottom of each page there is a red strip with a 'hint', written upside down. So what you have to do is go onto your first chapter, collect what you have to do, then flip to a random place in the book, turn the book upside down; read the hint and do what it tells you to do with that item you have collected.
Don't cheat though. Even if what it tells you to do goes against your grain, do it. you'll be surprised with the results.
The only worry i have with the book is that it will start to get tedious for the 'creater'. it is actually really hard to find the items you need to have, (which is why i'm only on chapter 5 lol. ( i am still waiting to find a feather for chapter 4 ) and i didn't show what i did for chapter five because it was to do with an envelope so it had my address on. ) so, for people like me, who love to see finished results quite quickly and have a limited amount of patience, the book may get discarded after maybe half the book and then forgotten about. so you really have to have sticking power if you want to get this book! Or just have patience. which i don't really have. Now, onto the pictures!
as you can see. the book gets slightly bulkier as you go along.
first page. i was so sad to use my 'abroad-y' stamps lol.
hint: wildcard. (do whatever you like)
second page. i had trouble finding a 'five' so i decided to settle on a 'five' playing card instead.
hint: frame it.
third page. as you can see i still haven't finished it yet. its taking ages. 
hint: draw a never ending line.

finally i thought i'd show you how i bind mine. just with a simple piece of string:
 because it's gonna get verrry bulky.
So that's it! 
*Thank you to Spinebreakers for sending me this to review and be sure to show me pictures of your completed pages if you do decide to get one!

Embracing Your Inner Geek

07 May 2013

Embracing My Inner Geek is a feature hosted by Queen of Contemporary and enables bloggers to geek out once a week and ramble on about geeky and nerdish things. 

Being the busy person that i am, revising reading too much; i only saw Lucy's post just now. Even though it was posted back in April. yeah. sorry! but...i decided to do it anyway, just because it is the awesomest idea ever and don't you just love that banner?!..
The aim of this feature - which Lucy hopes to turn into a regular meme - is to share embrace your inner geek.
So here goes.
I am a geek. I'm the girl that would rather stay at home and read than go out shopping (unless its for books of course!) i am the girl who has to buy a book at every shopping trip i go on, otherwise i call that trip a failure. I am the girl who cries over books. (tell me if that is not the geekiest thing ever?!). I am the girl who is more interested in who just died in the book i was reading. than who just got kicked off the x factor. And finally. I read books. And enjoy reading them. Apparently in this day and age that is something that is looked down upon and though of as weird and nerdish, someone tell me why please?! BOOKS ARE FRICKING AMAZING! They can take you on journeys to places you've never even heard of, you can become an Arabian princess, a girl with cancer, a boy in a concentration camp. Books have no limits or boundaries. So why do people associate books with geeks and nerds?
Maybe they know that the people who read books are cooler than them and are afraid to admit it. maybe the person that just called you a nerd and geek secretly reads books at night, locked away in their bedroom? Whatever the reason. I don't care.
BEING A NERD IS COOL. and if you don't think so. you really need to watch more john green vlogs. like. asap. So i'm going to finish off with two of my favourite quotes about nerds and geeks.
The first one is obviously by john green. obviously.

“…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.”
― John Green

“If you like nerds, raise your hand. If you don't, raise your standards.” 
― Violet Haberdasher

Don't forget to wear your geekery like a badge!
p.s i'm still hoping to acquire some of those geek glasses so if you have a spare pair?..*coughs* i can think of a loving home for them....;)