Blogoversary Celebration: Interview with Jessica from Booked Up! + Giveaway

25 February 2013

Here is the third of five interviews ( with giveaways ) of my best blogging buddies. I hope you enjoy!
Here, you can get to know Jessica from Booked Up!

Hi Jessica! *offers a scone* how are you? Would you like to introduce yourself and your awesome blog?

Hi, thank you for having me here today! *checks scone first for revolting blueberries and scoffs!*

I'm Jessica, the teenage girl behind the YA Book Review Blog, Booked Up! I have been running Booked Up! since the 7th January 2012, and have loved every minute! I mainly blog about new YA books, and post a lot of reviews, author interviews + guest posts, and discussion posts. In my spare time, I am reading (obviously!) or trying (and failing) to catch up with home assignments for school! I also try to meet up with friends and go to town and catch a movie on the weekend. 

Why did you start blogging?
None of my friends like reading. Not one little bit. So every time I finished an amazing novel, I would have nobody to fan-girl over it with! I could talk and talk about it with my friends for as long as they would put up with my raving, but none of them would be really interested. I needed a way to express my love for reading in a community that could actually understand and ramble on and on about books with me! So when I stumbled across the blogosphere, it was like my version of heaven! Before I knew it, I had a blog, a bunch of new book-loving friends, and started getting a load of book recommendations.
(o.O none of your friends like reading?!)
 If you could have a fictional best friend, who would it be and why?
Maybe Katniss Everdeen. Mainly because I know that if anybody ever got on my bad side, I could just ask Katniss to kick some butt for me. Plus if I ever ended up lost in the forest with her, she could teach me some cool survival tricks and I would be okay. And I'd love to learn more about archery and poisonous berries!
(I'd love to learn archery too!)
 If you were stranded on a desert island with only the basic food and water, but you were allowed to take 5 books, what would they be?
Hmm...The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen and The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa. Yikes, that's 4 of my books gone already! For the last one I'd have to say one of the The Morganville Vampires novels by Rachel Caine (preferably one filled with scenes with my book boyfriend, Shane!). And perhaps I would sneak Undone by Cat Clarke under my jacket, too? ;)
(good choices!..and maybe..depending how tight the security was. ;))
 If you could meet anybody (dead or alive, fictional or real), whom would you meet and what would you say to them?
Wow, I have had to sit and think about this one for ages! But I've finally come to an answer. Meg Cabot! Meg Cabot is an outstanding, hugely popular YA author who has created some of the most hilarious, unique novels I have ever read. If you want a good example, go and read the Airhead trilogy! Meg Cabot also has a lovely, bubbly personality and I have a feeling we would have a great laugh chatting together, and the conversation would never get dull!
 Love triangles...yes or no?
Tricky question. Meghan, Ash and Puck from The Iron Fey series were an incredibly difficult love triangle. So were Celaena, Dorian and Chaol from Throne of Glass. Both of these were unbelievably tiring, and I was forever swapping sides. However, I love shouting into the book "No! Choose him! Not him!" and so my answer to this question is yes. Although I can only deal with Love Triangles one book a month!
(I totally agree! the Meghan - Ash - Puck one was especially painful for me as I was constantly switching sides!)
 Who is your favourite author and why?
 Just one? Wow, tough question... My favourite author from childhood would be Jacqueline Wilson. The only books I ever read until I was about 11 were Wilson books. To be honest, I owe my love of reading to Jacqueline Wilson! However, now I'm more into YA novels, my favourite author would probably be Julie Kagawa. Or, as of today, Cat Clarke! I finished Undone recently and it blew my mind! So yes, I'm afraid it's a tie between Kagawa & Clarke!  
 Have you ever met any authors before?
Jacqueline Wilson came to my middle school many years ago, which is pretty phenomenal! I also met (if you can count her as an author) Katie Price. I can't actually stand her and only went to the book signing as it was the first book event to come to my town in a really long time. To be honest, I had more fun waiting in the line chatting to other book-lovers than actually meeting Katie Price. 
 Share some of your favourite blogs with us?
Oh wow, have you got an hour? Here we go.....
Ebony Black Lines (of course!), Bookhi, Realm of Fiction, Booktastic Reviews, The Beaucoup Review, Never Judge a Book by its Cover, The Readers Den, Blog of a Bookaholic, Chicklish, Bookster Reviews, Singing and Reading in the Rain, The Teen Book Guru and many, many more! Most of the bloggers behind the mentioned blogs are teenage girls like me, juggling reading and blogging along with exams and school. I love how I can chat about things other than books with most of those girls, and we have lots in common!
 Most stunning book cover you’ve ever seen?
The front cover for Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black took my breath away! Seriously, I can't get over the pure gorgeous-ness of that front cover. I'm just hoping that the book is as good as the cover!
(you haven't read it yet? I agree....the cover is GORGEOUS!)
Quick Questions:
           Cats or Dogs? Normally, I would say dogs, seeing as I have 2 who are incredibly loveable and extremely loyal. Dogs make such great companions, and I love mine to pieces. However, my cat is sitting on my lap as I type this, and she's looking at me with very cute eyes, so cats!
 Bad Boys or Good? (fictional of course!): Without a doubt, bad boys! A badass attitude, dark good-looks and a mysterious personality never fail to capture my heart!
 E-books or Physical copies? Physical copies, every time. Ebooks just don't work for me. But who knows, maybe they will grow on me someday?
 Inside or Outside? Outside! Stepping out into the fresh air is always so refreshing. (You may shoot me for being so corny!) ok! *virtually shoots arrow then realizes she really needs to take an archery lesson with Katniss someday.*
 British or American fictional boys? AMERICAN BOYS AMERICAN BOYS AMERICAN BOYS! I may be British, but I'll pick American boys 'till the day I die (both fictional and real). It's my life-long dream to move to America, mainly for ogling the boys. (ahhha ok...)
 And...Delirium or Divergent? Divergent! Seriously, how could I not be Divergent when it gave me the wonderful, swoon-worthy Four?! 
No problem! Thank YOU so, so much for having me on the lovely Ebony Black Lines! Congratulations x 10000 on your 1st Blogoversary!

Now both Jess and I are both about to start The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
so... can win a copy for yourself!

((click here to go to the goodreads page))

First, here's the rules/terms & conditions:

- Fill in the Rafflecopter below - please don't leave personal details in the comments section (for your own safety)
- This giveaway is UK only. 
- You must be 13 or older to enter.
- Nor, I, or the publishers are responsible for books lost or damaged in the post 
- Aside from the mandatory entries  all others are optional but completing them could give you a better chance of winning :)
- Giveaway ends on 26th March 2013 at 12am.
- I will email the winner who must reply within 48 hours, otherwise the prize will go to someone else :(


  1. Great interview!
    I've only got the one friend who likes reading so I know exactly how you felt, Jessica! That's one of the main reasons I love blogging too - so many people to ramble about books with! ;) Oooooh, Katniss! She'd be an awesome friend!
    Thanks for the lovely mention too - I LOVE Booked Up! aswell! xD

  2. OMG I REALLY need to read the Iron Fey series soon don't I?! I bought the first one recently but I still haven't got round to it! Today my friend at school told me she'd read it and loved it...I really need to read it and see what everyone's talking about! :D

    Hehe, Katniss would be a great friend to have! I also love archery! I've done it a few times but it would be great to have a few tips from Katniss ;)

    Great interview, you guys! I love both of you, and both your blogs!! :D

  3. Awesome interview, guys! :) None of your friends like reading, Jessica?! Aww, that must be so hard! At least you have us book bloggers to get crazy about books with ;)
    I still need to read The Iron Fey.... *guilty face*... asdfghjkl :/
    Thank you so much for the giveaway, I really want to read The Raven Boys. :)

  4. Aw, thanks so so so much for having me on Ebony Black Lines on this very special occasion! I really enjoyed being on your blog, and your interview was really fun to take part in.

    Comgratulations again on your Blogoversary. And wow, what an awesome Giveaway! Thanks so much! :) <3 (and I loved the scone!)

  5. Great interview! I love Jessica's blog, I just commented on it now in fact! :p

    I also really want to go to America, although I do prefer British boys lol!

    I haven't yet read The Hunger Games, but I do think Katniss would be an awesome friend...I really want to learn archery! :D

  6. So, I've finally caught up with you and your giveaways! :D
    I've heard lots about Maggie Stiefvater but I've never properly checked her out, so this is a great opportunity! :D


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