hiatus, blogversary and a little catch up...

24 January 2013


it's been ages!
sorry for the massively long hiatus i had; i got the infamous book blogging slump. ):
it wasn't even a general 'blogging' slump as i would happily work on my photography blog, (which is in the process of being made over.) it was just, whenever i thought about reviewing a book i'd always try to put it off. o.O
so i'm sorry to all the publishers//authors i received books from and haven't reviewed yet, i do intend to as soon as i can. (:
a post will be up soon about my blogging slump though as it wasn't a pleasant experience..i think it will be more of a discussion post..about book blogging pressures and the pro's and con's of book blogging.
what do you think?also...
*throws confetti*it's my blogversary in a month!
it will be a week long i hope and at the moment i'm searching out lovely goodies for you guys to win so make sure you come back to enter the giveaways!
i need a little favour off you guys though.
my the grand finale giveaway will (hopefully) be called 'Top Books Of 2012' or something along those lines so i want to know what books you read that you thought were amazing, and something to be recommended to others, you can reply in the comments or e-mail me here (ebonyblacklines@hotmail.co.uk)
my aim is to get as many of the books you recommend as possible to give away to you lovely readers. :)
books!i haven't done a Showcase Sunday in a while so here are some books i received in the post while i was on hiatus, some i bought, some i won, some i was given, and some i got from the library. :)

between shades of gray by ruta sepetys
pink, chameleon by fiona dunbar
the boy in the striped pyjamas by john boyne
how to save a life by sarah zarr
blind spot by laura ellen 

(hardback//signed..w/a message!)
prodigy by marie lu
(not received yet)
(signed) ally's world journal with bookmark by karen mccombie
received for review:
the decleration trilogy by gemma malley
close to famous by joan bauer
(a surprise in the post all the way from America!)
colin fischer by ashley edward miller & zack stentz
the fault in our stars by john green (!!!!!!!!!!!)
library:the iron daughter + the iron queen by julie kagawa
(for anyone who's read the iron knight, please tell me if meaghan and ash get back together in it otherwise i will die of suspense because i don't know when my library is getting it in!!!)someone else's life by katie dale
arabesque by colin mulhern
in darkness by nick lake
silenced by simon packham
and loads more i can't remember..:/