Interview with Author: Suzanne LaFleur.

07 November 2012

Please give a warm welcome to the amazing author of Love, Aubrey and Eight, Keys....
Suzanne LaFleur!

What gave you the inspiration to write Love, Aubrey?

I usually say I write on impulse rather than from inspiration or ideas. When I started writing Love, Aubrey, all I knew about the story was that Aubrey was alone and someone named Savannah was missing. I wrote from there to find out why. I thought the story came out of nowhere. When, a couple years later, I looked back on my life at the time, I realized that I was writing about things I was afraid of: primarily, losing loved ones.

Had you always wanted to be a writer?

I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was nine.

What did you eventually become, before becoming an author?

I became a published writer at 24 just before finishing grade school, so writing was actually my first full-time career. I've also been a teacher for a long time, though in most cases I taught part-time in addition to writing.

Who inspired you to write when you were a teen and who inspires you to carry on writing today?

When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who really encouraged me to write and I know that helped me a lot. When I was a teenager, I did a lot less free-writing because I had a lot of homework, but I do remember putting together parodies and skits with my friends so I have to give credit where it's due simply to my friends for being fun and supportive. Today it's still my friends being eager for my new manuscripts that keeps me writing, and definitely all the kids who write to me saying they're waiting for my next book.

What is your usual routine for writing in a day and how much do you usually get done?

I tend to be a very flexible writer and write when I feel like it, but I've had a bit of a routine this summer...around ten in the morning I walk to my local library, warm up with some maths problems and computer games, and then write for an hour or two. I would say I usually write 3-8 new pages or get through many more pages of revisions. 

Are any of the characters you created based on your personality or someone else's?

I have to confess that Elise in Eight Keys turned out to be an awful lot like me, which family and friends will tell me after reading it. That wasn't intentional. It also wasn't at all intentional that her friend Franklin is a lot like a friend of mine. I make a point not to base characters on people I know, but fiction does come from the heart so it's not unusual to see echoes of personalities or relationships on the page.

Which book you have written has taken the longest to write and why?

Eight Keys took about three times as long to write as Love, Aubrey. I re-wrote it a lot of times.

Favourites/Shorter Questions:
Where is your favourite place to write? On the couch in my pyjamas.
What is your favourite writing snack/drink? Crackers and cheese (just like Aubrey!)...plain water for me.
What is your favourite YA book at the moment? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Who was your favourite author when you were a teen? Lois Lowry

Weirdest place you have ever written? Sometimes I write at the gym. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but there are nice tables there that look onto the pool and I like water, even if it's inside.
Strangest moment when you have had a spark of inspiration? I'm not stories usually stew in my mind so long I can't pinpoint a particular moment.

Quick Fire Questions:
Inside or outside? Inside (sometimes)
Book or E-book? Book (always)
Laptop or Pen and paper? (can't decide)
Aubrey or Bridget? Aubrey (I saw through her eyes)
Books or films? BOOKS (no question)

Thanks so much for  answering my questions Suzanne!
Have you read any of her books? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments below.:)


  1. This was a great interview - thanks Jazz and Suzanne!

    I read Love, Aubrey a couple of years ago and thought it was a beautiful - it made me cry loads!

  2. Great interview! I loved Love, Aubrey and I'm really excited to read Eight Keys! :D :D


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