REVIEW: The Twice Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones by Susie Day.

01 August 2012

Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: August 2nd 2012
Number of Pages: 177 pages
Book: For Review*
Format: Finished Copy
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy, Coming-of-Age, Humour.
On her thirteenth birthday, Blue makes a desperate wish. To be transformed into a cool, confident teenager. Enter Red, appearing from nowhere like a wacky fairy godmother. She's only visible to Blue - in fact, she IS Blue, but a year older. With Red by her side to guide her, Blue can avoid all the gruesome embarrassments! But her future self causes a heap of crazy trouble - and there are dark secrets she's not telling...~Goodreads.

"Turning Thirteen. It's a rollercoaster ride."

When Bluebell accidently summons her fourteen-year-old self back from the future Blue is, at first, a bit wary, but when she realises that Red is there to help her she is ecstatic! Red even has a road map of the year ahead so she can't fail to have the summer of her life! Or can she?
I absolutely loved this book. It was such a light read and I whizzed through it in one sitting. The characters were well-developed and I loved Blue's personality. She was so light-hearted and relatable and I can't see anyone not loving this book. Bluebell was the youngest of the family with an older sister. She feels like she needs her life to be re-vamped so when she blows out the candles on her cake she wishes, she wishes with all her might.
"I wish someone would rescue me."

I immediately took to Red as she bounded in and out of the story, texting  Blue by using her own number, coaxing her to go on the Red Dragon Roller Coaster; but it became gradually obvious she was hiding something from Blue, and that it was something serious. I kept getting more and more anxious and at some points in the book I had to stop myself from just skipping to the last chapter! Towards the end I was biting my lip with anxiousness and when revealed her secret I was shocked. Scared. Terrified for Blue. But it was too late.
Throughout different feelings of Love. Humour. Happiness. Fright. Terror Contentment. Fear, swamped me as I read about Blue's battle for new beginnings, excitement for her new baby sibling *sob sob SOB* &-- errr you'll understand when you read the book...-_- and happiness as she made new close friends...

 The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones is an absolutely absorbing, beautifully funny read. The characters are vivd and practically jump out of the page at you and the setting is a delightful, cosy little seaside town. It is a lovely light read with a dark edge to it that will thrill all young tweens and give you shivers! But make sure you have a tissue box..I was actually sniffing at the end...

*Thank you to Susie Day for sending me this book to review for.


  1. Great review! Sounds like an awesome book! :D

  2. Sound like a Nice book!
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  5. I haven't heard of this before, but it sounds wonderful! I don't know if. Would love it, but I'm glad you did. :D and thanks for an awesome review!

  6. Great review, this looks amazing! I love contempory reads, and Susie Day is a great author. Thanks so much for posting! :) xx

  7. This looks great! The premise sounds awesome and if you bring yourself to the future or from the future...well, that's always super awesome! :)

  8. Oh this sounds like a great read! I don't think I have come across it before but I will definitely have to check it out one day. Great review! :)

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  10. This looks absolutely amazing! I really hope they get it into our school library soonish. I want to read this!

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