Guest Post By Bookhi: Book Blogging And Why More People Should Do It.

25 July 2012

Hi everyone! First of all, I just want to say thank you so much to Jasmine for having me today on her amazing blog. I am Zoe from Bookhi, another book blog where I post book reviews, interviews, cover releases and random book-y thoughts. I love to read (obviously) and you can almost always find me with a head in a book. I am going to share my views on book blogging and why more people should do it, I hope you agree! :)

      1.       The People

This has be my favourite part of book blogging. I absolutely adore talking to people like me who enjoy the same type of books. I have gotten to know a lot of friends over the internet personally through email, blogs and social networking sites and it is amazing. I don’t really have many friends who enjoy are obsessed with the same books as me and I just wanted to shout out: “HEY! THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!” a million times over! So, book blogging is an amazing place for bookworms to just natter about reading.

2.       Recommendations and Discoveries

By reading other blogs and being in contact with authors/publishers is a really good way of discovering the latest books. I remember stumbling across the first book blog I found and I browsed on it for hours. I was so excited that I had found a million new books to read. I definitely wouldn’t have read as many books as I do now if it weren’t for book blogging.

3.       Giveaways

A lot of blogs host giveaways to celebrate something, use it to gain more followers or are just being nice! This is a great way to win books, and who doesn’t love that?! I win the occasional one and it is a very nice time. ;)

4.       Events

Ever since I started my blog, I have found out all about these awesome activities that I can take part in. Following other blogs gives you the advantage of finding out about book signings, festivals, author talks or online talks. I am hoping to get to one soon since my summer holidays have just started (yay!).

5.       Review Requests

Okay, this is an awesome one. BOOKS. FOR. FREE. I still get excited when I receive an e-mail asking me to review a book. I love reading and reviewing, so there isn’t really a down-side. It’s like getting paid in books.... perfect! :D Sometimes I get ARCs, which are Advanced Reader Copies. This means I get to be one of few whom get to read the book first before it is published. Double yay!

6.       Challenges/Memes

I really enjoy taking part in memes that other bloggers have set up because it can introduce me to other blogs, new people to talk to who are interested in the same thing as me, and it is just a fun thing to do. Some challenges include ones like “How many books can you read in one week?” or “Can you read your whole TBR pile this year?” etcetera.

7.       Feedback

This leads into the first point a bit, because I love the feedback from fellow readers/bloggers. A comment on one of my posts telling me that they enjoyed reading it really brightens up my day. It also lets me know that what I am writing isn’t junk, either! A blog shouldn’t be a competition with others to see how many followers you can get, it should be just for you to share your opinion and express yourself. However, my followers are part of the reason I blog. It is great to talk about a certain genre and then reading someone else put that they love it too.

8.       A new hobby = never bored again!

When I first started book blogging I had NO IDEA that it is as big as this. I didn’t even know about review requests, how the follower system works, or what memes were. If you see some of my posts from 2010, they are awful! (I hope they have improved, lol). Book blogging takes up a lot of my free time and I have a whole notebook to keep control of my review requests, posts schedule, emails to reply to and ideas. I love it though – I couldn’t imagine life without it!

If you love to read, I really recommend setting up a book blog. It is quite easy to get started and you can make some really good friends. If you do make one, let me know – I’m always interested for book blogs I haven’t visited before! :)

Here are a few tips I have learnt over the time of my book blogging, I hope you find them useful:

·         Be passionate about it – if you find it boring, so will your readers.

·         Post as often as you can – this will keep the readers hooked so they will follow you and not want to miss out. It also shows that you love to do it and have lots of ideas.

·         Follow other blogs and comment – not only will you make new friends, but it will encourage others to come and follow your blog too to return the favour.

·         Make a good design – if you’re not good at designing, don’t worry. There are tons of amazing templates out there which will look really professional and appealing.

·         Write good quality posts – it’s all very well posting often, but is it worth reading? Read a variety of books, create a discussion, take part in memes, share the latest news...

·         Get your name out there – people won’t follow if they don’t know about your blog. Twitter is amazing – you can post something and you’ll instantly get about 50 responses! You can also create Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads... the possibilities of the Internet are limitless ;)

Good luck if you do decide to make one! I hope you have enjoyed my post, and I hope a lot of fellow book-bloggers can relate to my reasons of why I love to book blog.

Happy reading!
Zoe :) xxx

Thank you so much Zoe! That was amazing! :D

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xoxo

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