REVIEW: The Diamond Of Drury Lane ( Cat Royal #1 ) by Julia Golding.

17 July 2012

AT THE THEATRE ROYAL IN DRURY LANE, COVENT GARDEN, THIS PRESENT DAY, BEING 1SI JANUARY, 1790,Will be presentedThe Diamond of Drury Lane(Written by Miss Cat Royal)PRINCIPAL CHARACTERSMISS CAT ROYAL - orphan and ward of the theatreMR. JOHNNY SMITH - prompt with a secretMR. SYD FLETCHER - leader of the Butcher's boysMR. BILLY 'BOIL' SHEPHERD - evil leader of rival gangAnd a HIDDEN diamond!WITH A NEW MUSICAL INTERLUDE BY MR. PEDRO HAWKINS, LATE OF AFRICA.To which will be added a farce, in which a hot air balloon will land on stage!

"(from goodreads.)Capturing superbly the hustle and bustle, flair and extravagance of late Eighteenth Century times in England's renowned capital, The Diamond of Drury Lane introduces its feisty heroine with an undeniably exciting first adventure. This is historical fiction for young readers at its best--authentic, exciting and fast-moving.
Cat Royal is a veritable institution at Mr Sheridan's famous Drury Lane theatre of ye olde London Town, circa 1790. Adopted by the owner after being mysteriously abandoned as a baby on the steps of his infamous establishment, Cat has grown up backstage amidst the glamour of the bright lights, the exotic artistes, hammy actors, melodious musicians and riotous viewing public. The performers are her family, the stagehands her closest friends.
However, Cat is growing up and she is beginning to think about what she wants to do with her life. Those thoughts take an unexpected turn when she overhears a conversation about a diamond hidden somewhere in the theatre. Her adventures begin when she tries to find the treasure. Pedro, a gifted musician who is new to the company orchestra, ably assists her. Ever present too are the political ramifications of a mischievous satirical cartoonist called Captain Sparkler, who some suspect is a very important person nearby in disguise.
The narrative traverses London and takes in the rival street gangs of Covent Garden, boxing matches, theatre riots, spectacular stage productions and several moments of drama and intrigue. Cat is so likeable as a central character, that readers will soon be caught up in her journey."

You have all probably lost count of the amount of times I have said I loved this series but don't go! I know I haven't reviewed it up until now *guilty look* but here goes...
I loved how the whole book was written as a play ( in keeping with the main setting: The Theatre ) and I especially enjoyed hearing about the adventures from Cat ( Catherine ) herself, a fiesty, daring teenage girl nicknamed Cat by her friends because she always manages to get herself into trouble, but always lands back up on her feet; rather like a cat: with ''nine lives''. In the first of the series we see her getting into all sorts of scrapes, even in jail with her arch rival Billy ''Boil'' Shepherd and we share in her emotions through her use of direct language when she tells us about her thoughts and feelings throughout the book.
I now have all six of the books in the series and I can safely say I do not regret buying them....OOOOOHH! I'm finding it so hard to keep the spoilers tripping off my tongue..or fingers...I think I already have actually.. oops..I think I may have to stop now..
THE DIAMOND OF DRURY LANE had just the right amount of action, suspense, tension, emotion and excitement to full-fill my desire to read on and it kept me hooked from page one. Anyone who loves historical fiction, action packed books and adventures with a heroine who always proves to be light hearted, humour's and sarcastic or lightly romantic books will enjoy this no end! :)


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  3. Sounds really fun! Always looking for great historical fiction. Thanks for the review! :D

  4. This book sounds amazing, even though I tend to dislike most historical fiction books. I will look out for this - thanks for sharing :) xx

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