100th Post Guest Post!

13 July 2012

It's the big 100!
I made it to 100 guest posts!..Very slowly I have to admit!.
In celebration the lovely Luisa Plaja has written a guest post for you all. :)

Luisa Plaja’s Recommended Bookish Sites For Young Readers and Writers.

Huge congratulations to Ebony Black Lines on 100 fabulous posts!

To celebrate the Great 100, I thought I’d recommend a few book-related sites for young people who love reading and writing...

Girls Heart Books http://www.girlsheartbooks.com
It might be a bit cheeky of me to mention this, seeing as I’m one of the contributors, but I’m going to anyway! If you’re aged 8 or above, you’ll find a variety of posts here by authors of a whole range of books. There are competitions with book prizes, plus a new post every day and wonderful comments from readers. There’s even a space to link to your own website if you’re a girl who hearts books...

Chicklish http://www.chicklish.co.uk
It’s even cheekier to include this teen book review site, as I run it! But you could check out the book reviews written by contributors of all ages - including Ebony Black Lines! Also note “Chicklish Places” in the sidebar, where we link to lots of brilliant book blogs.

UKYA - http://ukyabooks.wordpress.com/
This is a showcase site that features Young Adult fiction written by authors who live in the UK, plus Top Ten posts by bloggers and authors. A great place to discover new British books.

Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com
This is a social network for readers, and the site to visit if you want to find out what your virtual friends are reading, and what they recommend that you read next.

Figment - http://figment.com/
A site for young readers and writers, where a mix of published and unpublished authors post story extracts.

Movellas - http://www.movellas.com/
This is another community for people who like to read, write and share stories.

Booksie - http://www.booksie.com
I found about this site through a reader who wrote to me about my first novel, Split by a Kiss. She’s written several novels and posted instalments to an eager audience at Booksie. If sites like these had been around when I was a teenager, you probably couldn’t have kept me away...

Fiona Dunbar’s writing tips - http://www.fionadunbar.com/writing-tips/
If anyone asks me for writing tips, this is often where I refer them first. Fiona Dunbar is a popular author and she gives brilliant advice on overcoming some common writing problems.

Dear Writer - Siobhan Curham’s blog - http://dearwriterblog.blogspot.co.uk/
Siobhan Curham is the author of the fantastic Dear Dylan, and this site promises to be a great one for young readers and writers, offering ‘advice, competitions and workshops’.

Claire Hennessy - http://clairehennessy.com
Another author who offers great writing tips and lots more. If you’re a teen who wants to write for publication, you might be interested in Claire Hennessy’s great post on ‘Dos and Don’ts for Teens Who Write’.

That’s it for now, but I’d love to add to these links if anyone would like to recommend favourite sites in the comments...

More congratulations to Ebony Black Lines on 100 posts.
Happy reading and writing!

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xx


  1. Woohoo! Well done Jasmine - I love your blog!!! xx

  2. Congrats on 100! Great guest post, Luisa and for pointing me in the direction of these great sites! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and having followed - I'm already follow this fantastic blogs! I hope you come visit Booktastic Reviews again soon! :D

  3. She said it! Great post!! <3

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! Great list of sites, too! Have a great weekend! :D

  5. So many websites! Remind me in 2 weeks to look at all of them, because I'm going on a MISSIONS TRIP! So excited. Anyways, congrats on the 100th post!

  6. Congrats on 100th post, I'm still not even there yet!

    And thank you Luisa for the guest post! There are some fab sites and Chicklish is one of my favourites on that list!

  7. Lovely to be included on this list! :) Great list of resources here, thanks Luisa.


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