Interview With Blogger: The Purple Sky.

14 June 2012

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

Hi! I'm Juliet, the author of  A Purple Sky! My blogs about 9 months old, so it's semi-new!
My blog started off by being fairly inspiring, but now I try to post about once a week (although I've gone a couple times with a LONG time in between posts) and they're normally tags, contests, or music posts! But I'm working on a couple new inspirational posts, I promise!

Why did you start The Purple Sky?

I started A Purple Sky because I have a lot of opinions on things and I figured this would be a good way to tell people about them because I love to write (I want to be an author)! I also wanted to share my favorite things from other people and learn about new things and meet new people! (I have done both successfully, yay!)

How did you think of the name for your blog?

Here's a post about it:What Does It Mean?
That explains how I came up with it. But here's a short bit that I will write at this very moment:
I thought of it on a day when I was really depressed and I was actually writing a poem about my sadness (wow, that sounds so lame as I'm writing it!) but one of the lines was something about how your sky wont always be clear and bright, because you're going to be sad in your life, and I decided I wanted to start a blog to inspire people and get my readers to live their life. So that's how I came up with the name, and even though I don't post as much inspirational things as much anymore, I still hope I made somewhat of an impact on people in my earlier posts!

What is the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best thing is definitely when you log into your email and you see you have some new followers and comments because it makes me feel really happy and like I'm doing something right. I haven't figured out the worst thing yet. :) ( Hey That's Good Right?? )

What is your favourite weekly meme?

I actually don't participate in any memes! Have any good ones you'd like to share with me? :P ( Oh yeah! My Two! Check them out. One's Called B.A.B ( Blogging About Blurbs ) and another one is called Title Twisters.  I have pages for both below my header. Go!...Just read this post first! ;) )

How long have you been blogging for?

About two years, but A Purple Sky is the most successful because I started it when I was no longer an amateur to blogging! :P

What ambitions do you have for your blog in 2012?

Hmmm... great question! I would love to make it to 100 followers! I would also love to do my 200th post (hopefully) in 2012 and I will be celebrating A Purple Sky's first birthday in August! :)

Who are your favourite authors and what books do your particularly like?

I LOVE LAUREN OLIVER! You have to read Delirium (which is a trilogy, Pandemonium just came out a couple months ago.) It's absolutely amazing and my favorite book in the world; its a dystopian and it makes me cry. So does the second book. I have to wait until Feb. 2013 for the final book; AHHH! I also love Before I Fall by the same author, it has a great message! And it's also extremely sad! I also love Divergent by Veronica Roth, which is also a trilogy. The 2nd book just came out and I haven't read it yet, but the first book was amazing, so you should read that too! It's also dystopian (that's my favorite genre!, well actually tied with romance). And I love anything by Nicholas Sparks! Because they're all so cute and romantic.
Also, I apologize for any crazy grammar errors; when I get rambling about books it's hard for me to contain my excitement so I start typing like crazy and my fingers hurt. ( Haha that's fine I ramble too! )

Do you think you are like any fictional characters?

I try not to relate myself to anybody else (even fictional people) because I am so unique and awesome, its impossible for any authors to create anyone as amazing as me. :P

Do you like to read or daydream?

I absolutely love reading because I completely lose myself in the character's world. I could read all day. I guess I daydream too, but I don't remember. Are you supposed to remember when you daydream?
If you ever wrote a book someday, what do you think it will be about?
I have written books! I won Nanowrimo two years in a row (which have to be at least 50,000 words) and I'm hoping do it again this year. I don't share my ideas, though, because I wouldn't be able to make it sound good! haha :) ( WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Can I Read Them? Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?! )

Quick-fire Questions..

Book or E-book? Without a doubt book. I hope real books never die, but it's a worry of mine because e books are becoming so popular!
Reading Or Watching (films ect.)?  Reading! well, depends on the film. crap.
Writing Stories Or Blogging? Yikes! I love them both so much, I couldn't pick!
Dogs Or Cats? Neither! (allergic to cats, not a big fan of animals... which makes me sound really mean, but I'm not I promise!)
Romance Or Adventure? Romance without a doubt!
Classy Or Casual? Depends on where I'm going. When I'm sitting around, it's always an ugly tee shirt and shorts. but school I'm pretty classy I would have to say :P

Thanks for interviewing me!
Haha! No problemo!

Who's liking the purple theme I've got going on?
In keeping with THE PURPLE SKY and obviously my favourite colour is purple too! ( I am so jealous of your name! -_- ) so...What do you think? Did You like this interview?

Don't Forget To Smile! :D

Adios! xxx


  1. I love the name The Purple Sky, it's so pretty <3
    I love Delirium too! But I have yet to read Pandemonium and Before I Fall...
    And dystopian is my favourite genre too, SNAP!
    Great interview :) xxx

  2. Hello Ebony and Juliet :)
    Ohmygosh, I love blogger interviews! They're always really interesting. I totally prefer books over ebooks. I love checking me e-mail like that too: I used to rarely check it, but now it's like an obsessive compulsion :D And yes, I DID like this interview.

    Glad to be introduced to you!

  3. catherine- thank you! You definitely need to read Pandemonium if you read Delirium! It's amazing! :)

    Kirthi and tinkerbell- thanks!


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