Interview With Author Sophie Mckenzie!

25 June 2012

I am very pleased to welcome Sophie McKenzie to my blog today!
She is the wonderful writer of the Girl, Missing trilogy ( which I actually didn't know was a trilogy until I interviewed her! ). She has written many books so including The Medusa Project Series, The Blood Ties Series, Falling Fast, Acting Friends and the Luke And Eve series. If you haven't read any of her books then you need to. Now!


Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes, but when I was younger I didn't think it was a realistic ambition so I didn't try seriously to write a book and get it published until I got made redundant from a job in my thirties.

What problems did you face trying to get your first book published?
I was lucky enough to get my first book, Girl, Missing, taken by a publisher very quickly, but I had been working hard on improving my writing for a long time before then!

What is your usual routine for writing in a day?
It varies, but I tend to write for a few hours every morning until I get hungry, and sometimes in the afternoon too. I often have to edit one book while I'm still writing another, so that can take up another couple of hours as well.

Could you tell us a first line or title for a story budding writers could use?
How about: Until last week, I was happy and popular. Then the twins arrived, and everything changed...

Identity and Missing People play a central part in the Girl, Missing and Sister,missing books. Why is that and what research did you have to do for it? 
I don't really know why those stories focus so much on identity but, as Lauren says, its hard to know who you are until you know where you come from... I didn't do much research, except into adoption laws in the US and UK

What gave you the inspiration for the Girl, Missing and Sister,missing books?
I saw a child on a missing children's poster on a website years ago and started imagining what he might do if he was looking at the same poster and wondering if the missing child it featured was him...

Why did you decide to write a ''fantasy'' series for The Medusa Project?
I was daydreaming about super powers one day and started wondering what it would be like to have psychic abilities, what the pros and cons would be and how people might try and manipulate anyone with such abilities.

What is one super-power you would love to have?
Mind-reading - and flying.

Can you tell us a bit about any books you are writing at the moment?
I'm just finishing off Missing Me, the final book in the Missing series, which will be published in Sept 12. I'm also working on the follow up to Falling Fast which is called Burning Bright and which will come out in Jan 13.

Where is your favourite place to write and why?
I write anywhere!

Five tips for budding authors?
There are ten tips on my website ( but my top three tips are:
Read a lot.
Write a lot.
Don't give up.

Quick fire Questions:

Lauren or Jam? Jam
Reading or Writing? Writing
Paper and Pen or Laptop? Laptop
Inside or Outside? Inside
Night or Day? Day 

Hope you enjoyed the interview! :D

Don't Forget To Smile! :D xxx


  1. Great interview! Her books sound fun! I really like her first story line too! :D

  2. Awesome interview!
    I love the questions you asked.

  3. Great interview! I love her top 3 tips to writers!
    awesome job!


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