Interview With Author Sophia Bennett!!!!!

08 June 2012

I am extremely ecstatic and grateful to Sophia for agreeing to let me interview her as I know she is working on her new book and is super busy.
She didn't have time to answer all my questions but the ones she did answer were answered amazingly!
For those of you who don't know. Sophia has written The Threads Trilogy which is absolutely incredible and also The Look. Which is equally adorable.
Sophia is one of my favourite authors so if you haven't read her books then go and read them. You won't be disappointed!

Why did you decide to call your books what you did?
Book names are a nightmare. Threads was originally going to be called Crow, but I changed my mind before I submitted the manuscript, because I thought the new title summed up the fashion theme better, and also it reflected the different lives of the four friends, all intertwined. However, I couldn't think of a good sequel title. It took my publisher and I weeks to come up with Beads, Boys & Bangles, and months to think of another alliterative title after that! However, I knew the title for The Look very early on. It reflected the fact that a model is chosen for the way she encapsulates a look that is decided by other people. It's down to luck whether or not you have 'the look' that the fashion industry happens to want at any one time. Once I had the title, I stuck with it and luckily my publisher liked it too.

Fashion plays a central part in the Threads trilogy, and also in The Look. Can you tell us why?
I didn't intend to write about fashion initially, but I loved the idea of a girl who was a secret fashion designer and ended up with her own catwalk show. It combined mystery, craftsmanship and a bit of theatre, all of which I loved. The secret girl became Crow and the story became Threads. I've always been interested in fashion designers and what they do, so I had a lot of anecdotes that I could weave into the story. It didn't take much extra research. And then I was asked by a fan of Threads about modelling, which I didn't know much about. It kept the fashion theme going. However, the book I'm writing at the moment isn't fashion-related. Except I do find myself still describing what everyone's wearing a lot.

What sort of fashion ‘research’ did you have to do for The Look and tell us about something you learnt in the process?
I made up the fashions in the book. If you describe what's current in the fashion world, it gets out of date so fast. Besides, it's great fun to invent new looks. I did do a great deal of research into modelling, however. I was fascinated by how much young girls are preyed on by people trying to make money out of them. So many aspiring models end up in debt, rather than making money. Also, how much rejection is involved in the modelling world. It's hard to get jobs (a bit like writing) and people say no to you a lot. You have to be tough to succeed. But also, you have to be professional and independent. I was impressed by how organised young models have to be, rushing around between jobs and castings, always making sure they're on time, with the right stuff in their bags, knowing what the client expects. But it's so short-lived. Models can be retired in their thirties! Unless they've made and saved enough money to last them for several decades afterwards, what do they do then? I have to say, despite the occasional glamour, I didn't envy them. The ones I admired were the girls who took the opportunity to learn an artistic skill. That comes out in the book, I hope.

Out of all of your book characters, which one would you like to meet most? 
Interesting! Maybe Harry, Nonie's brother, because he's so lovely. Or Nonie's Granny - who's based a little bit on my own, who died a long time ago. I still miss her. Probably Henry, Nonie's brother. He's perhaps the character I admire the most, although he isn't in the books much.

Have you ever had "writers block" when writing one of your books?
It's hard to say. I don't think there's an official definition of 'writer's block' - apart from finding it extremely hard! It's reassuring to know that most good writers suffer from it a lot, and just work through it. They tend to talk about the times it's all going well, not when they're struggling to make plots and characters work. I think it's important to keep writing. But if a story really isn't working, perhaps you need to leave it for a while and work on something else.

When writing a book, how many chapters do you think you write through-out one week? 
It varies massively. But when the writing's going well I might write a couple of chapters a day, including rewrites. The rewriting process is just as important, by the way. The first draft is just the start of it.

Who encouraged to keep writing a book, and not give up? 
I've been very lucky, in that my family are very supportive - all of them,  from my parents to my husband and children. Now, getting letters and emails from fans makes a big difference - and even from other authors, like the lovely Cathy Cassidy. I also have a supportive editor and publisher, so I'm surrounded by encouragement. It really, really helps!

When you were little, which books were your favourite?
Ballet Shoes, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Railway Children … lots of classics. Also, the Secret Seven series, Jill and her Pony, Veronica at the Wells (ballet) and a series of books by Anthony Buckeridge about a boy at boarding school called Jennings. They're hardly known now, but it's amazing how many writers my age loved them in the 1970s.

(Note: I have read all of them and if you haven't you really need to! They are amazing and Jennings is HILARIOUS!)

Quick Fire Questions:

Jewellery or Clothes? Clothes
Nonie or Crow? Difficult! Er. Erm. Ok - Crow.
Expensive Fashion Shops or Charity Shops? Charity shops. Every time. They have expensive stuff in - it's just older and more interesting. And now cheap.
Favourite Item Of Clothing? My cranberry red velvet wedding dress.
Bags or Shoes? Totally shoes.

Thank you so much!
Thank YOU, Jasmine! xxx

I hope you enjoyed the interview!
Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx


  1. Never read any of these books but they look good so I'm gonna have to now lol.

  2. I really need to erad the Threads series soon :/ but awesome interview :D
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  3. A cranberry velvet wedding dress? Oh yeah ...

  4. Oh my God! I envy you much. You really did interview a noble author such as her..

    She is indeed, great!


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