Giveaway Winner!

23 June 2012

Sorry for the late post. I did get back from holiday a few days ago but I am now stuck in bed with HORRIBLE tonsillitis. :( I have to say I am taking advantage of this to go on the laptop more but still..When Will This Painful Illness GO! This picture right here is probably the best cartoon depicts my face exactly. NOT pretty I can tell you - I look AWFUL!

Anyway. Onto the winner. Thank you for everybody that took part I am very grateful. It would have been a bit awkward if nobody entered and sorry for the problems with rafflecopter. I am not exactly a genius when it comes to things like that. Thank you to the wonderful Luisa Plaja over at Chicklish and GirlsHeartBooks for donating me a book for the giveaway! Without her help I wouldn't have even been able to think about doing a giveaway. :D
So. *drum roll*. The winner is.......MIA @ ! You win a cope of The Scorpio Races ( by an author with a name I find very hard to spell..)
I have emailed you because you said that you were not able to e-mail me for some reason so you can just reply to that e-mail. :D

Also I am going to do what Orli did and let you all ask me questions that I will answer as a post about me. E-mail them to me at There is no limit. Just don't go over the top please! ;)

That's All For Now,

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx
Congratulations and thank you to all the other entrants. :D


  1. Hope you feel better!

    I tagged you for the Liebster BLOGGER Award! Check out my blog for more information:

  2. HELLO!
    Oh no, I hope you feel better! It's a great time to watch rom-coms and eat all the chocolates you want, haha :D
    I dunno if I entered or not, but it IS pretty disappointing when not many people enter :D I think you meant "Maggie Stiefvater" <--I think I spelled her last name wrong, haha.

    Best wishes!
    y buenos saludos

  3. I have nominated you in the Liebster Blogger Award!

    Check out my blog for more info:

  4. Wow, thanks!!!


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