Interview With Author Sophie Mckenzie!

25 June 2012

I am very pleased to welcome Sophie McKenzie to my blog today!
She is the wonderful writer of the Girl, Missing trilogy ( which I actually didn't know was a trilogy until I interviewed her! ). She has written many books so including The Medusa Project Series, The Blood Ties Series, Falling Fast, Acting Friends and the Luke And Eve series. If you haven't read any of her books then you need to. Now!


Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes, but when I was younger I didn't think it was a realistic ambition so I didn't try seriously to write a book and get it published until I got made redundant from a job in my thirties.

What problems did you face trying to get your first book published?
I was lucky enough to get my first book, Girl, Missing, taken by a publisher very quickly, but I had been working hard on improving my writing for a long time before then!

What is your usual routine for writing in a day?
It varies, but I tend to write for a few hours every morning until I get hungry, and sometimes in the afternoon too. I often have to edit one book while I'm still writing another, so that can take up another couple of hours as well.

Could you tell us a first line or title for a story budding writers could use?
How about: Until last week, I was happy and popular. Then the twins arrived, and everything changed...

Identity and Missing People play a central part in the Girl, Missing and Sister,missing books. Why is that and what research did you have to do for it? 
I don't really know why those stories focus so much on identity but, as Lauren says, its hard to know who you are until you know where you come from... I didn't do much research, except into adoption laws in the US and UK

What gave you the inspiration for the Girl, Missing and Sister,missing books?
I saw a child on a missing children's poster on a website years ago and started imagining what he might do if he was looking at the same poster and wondering if the missing child it featured was him...

Why did you decide to write a ''fantasy'' series for The Medusa Project?
I was daydreaming about super powers one day and started wondering what it would be like to have psychic abilities, what the pros and cons would be and how people might try and manipulate anyone with such abilities.

What is one super-power you would love to have?
Mind-reading - and flying.

Can you tell us a bit about any books you are writing at the moment?
I'm just finishing off Missing Me, the final book in the Missing series, which will be published in Sept 12. I'm also working on the follow up to Falling Fast which is called Burning Bright and which will come out in Jan 13.

Where is your favourite place to write and why?
I write anywhere!

Five tips for budding authors?
There are ten tips on my website ( but my top three tips are:
Read a lot.
Write a lot.
Don't give up.

Quick fire Questions:

Lauren or Jam? Jam
Reading or Writing? Writing
Paper and Pen or Laptop? Laptop
Inside or Outside? Inside
Night or Day? Day 

Hope you enjoyed the interview! :D

Don't Forget To Smile! :D xxx

REVIEW: Wonder By R.J Palacio

24 June 2012

I recently did my first ever review for Chicklish so I though I'd post it here as I got some very nice comments. :)

“I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.”

"August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school — until now. He's about to start 5th grade at Beecher Prep, and if you've ever been the new kid then you know how hard that can be. The thing is Auggie's just an ordinary kid, with an extraordinary face. But can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, despite appearances?"

“Don’t Judge A Book Boy By Its Cover Face.”

I read this book on the plane, flying through the air bound for my long-awaited holiday in the warm sun. Scrunched up on my seat, I ate up the pages as the plane jetted through azure blue skies and fluffy, candyfloss clouds. It was warm, but curled up around my book I suddenly felt cold all over as I read about Auggie’s strength and courage in the face of a hardship very few people face at such a young age. As my eyes fell on the last word I closed my eyes against the world around me and reflected on what I had just read. It was as if Auggie’s life had sparkled around me during my visit into his thoughts and feelings, unfolding and enveloping me like a blanket.

Throughout, different feelings of Love. Sadness. Joy. Bravery. Courage. Determination. Admiration washed through me. It felt as if my emotions were holding me in an iron grip and forcing me to feel every bit of Auggie’s plight and react to it. But I cherished every second of it.

Halloween is Auggie's favourite holiday, because he can wear a mask. August Pullman, or Auggie to his family and friends, is an ordinary kid in most ways. He was born with facial deformities, and despite countless surgeries, he still looks different on the outside. On the inside, where few people are allowed, he is funny and smart and so so brave. Auggie embarks on a journey much scarier than any surgery - the 5th grade.

Auggie...Wow. I was blown away by the strength of his fortitude and dedication as he battled against the problems at school and at home, with family and friends. You just can’t help longing to scoop him up out of the pages and giving him a great big hug. Told in first person we really get an insight into what it would have been like living a life with a deformed face, having to bare the fact that children become scared and run off screaming as soon as they see your face. The story is told from different points of view, so the reader not only gets to see inside Auggie’s mind, but that of his sisters, his friends, and even someone who sees his situation from afar. I loved the fact that there was not a single part told by any adult – not even his parents. This gives it a special quality where the book is told by children, for children so we can relate to every word that is said. This also forms a strong bond between the characters and the reader.

All the characters were equally amazing. Via: determined to help her brother in any way she can, a strong outer shell shielding her brother from any horrible experiences but crushed on the inside. A wavering flame determined not to be blown out by the trials she is facing at school. Her new school. Just like Auggie – but less of a fuss around her as everybody is concentrating on her brother. Summer: the girl who dared to go and make friends with the Freak. The Loner. I loved Summer, she was so kind and caring and never broke the strong link of friendship between her and Auggie, unlike Jack who bowed down under the pressure of Auggie’s enemy and cut him out of his life, breaking Auggie’s heart in the process. Via’s boyfriend only has a small chapter in the book but it was a powerful one. He meets Auggie for the first time and is as always shocked by what he sees. Even though he is not related to Auggie in any way he feels protective over him, just like Via and his kind personality emanates from him as he acts on the spur of a moment and tries to nip Auggie’s bullying in the bud.

One of the most powerful parts of the book was not how loudly the other kids made fun of Auggie; it was how QUIET they were. It’s horrible to be called names, but it's even worse to be ignored. The kids at school had a secret game called The Plague, which was compared to the Cheese Touch. No one could touch Auggie without getting The Plague. The thing is; all the kids thought he didn't know... how could he not? This is bullying that no one sees coming. It's hard to identify, and even harder to stop, but it hurts the worst.

I dare you to read it without shedding a single tear; or showing a single sad look in your eyes.

WONDER has stuck with me since I read it. Simple. Special. Spectacular. It gives us an insight into the life of Auggie through his thoughts, actions and feelings. It will be inevitable that your heart strings get pulled but Auggie shows us that even in the worst situations, there is always something good. A diamond in a dung heap.That’s what Auggie showed me.That you should never give up hope and you should always be brave and fight; never admit defeat. So thank you, R.J Palacio, for a truly WONDERful book. It is now one of my firm favourites.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What did you think of this book?
Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xx

Giveaway Winner!

23 June 2012

Sorry for the late post. I did get back from holiday a few days ago but I am now stuck in bed with HORRIBLE tonsillitis. :( I have to say I am taking advantage of this to go on the laptop more but still..When Will This Painful Illness GO! This picture right here is probably the best cartoon depicts my face exactly. NOT pretty I can tell you - I look AWFUL!

Anyway. Onto the winner. Thank you for everybody that took part I am very grateful. It would have been a bit awkward if nobody entered and sorry for the problems with rafflecopter. I am not exactly a genius when it comes to things like that. Thank you to the wonderful Luisa Plaja over at Chicklish and GirlsHeartBooks for donating me a book for the giveaway! Without her help I wouldn't have even been able to think about doing a giveaway. :D
So. *drum roll*. The winner is.......MIA @ ! You win a cope of The Scorpio Races ( by an author with a name I find very hard to spell..)
I have emailed you because you said that you were not able to e-mail me for some reason so you can just reply to that e-mail. :D

Also I am going to do what Orli did and let you all ask me questions that I will answer as a post about me. E-mail them to me at There is no limit. Just don't go over the top please! ;)

That's All For Now,

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx
Congratulations and thank you to all the other entrants. :D

REVIEW: Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

20 June 2012

Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur
Synopsis Via Good-Reads."I had everything I needed to run a household: a house, food, and a new family. From now on it would just be me and Sammy–the two of us, and no one else."A tragic accident has turned eleven-year-old Aubrey’s world upside down. Starting a new life all alone, Aubrey has everything she thinks she needs: SpaghettiOs and Sammy, her new pet fish. She cannot talk about what happened to her. Writing letters is the only thing that feels right to Aubrey, even if no one ever reads them.With the aid of her loving grandmother and new friends, Aubrey learns that she is not alone, and gradually, she finds the words to express feelings that once seemed impossible to describe. The healing powers of friendship, love, and memory help Aubrey take her first steps toward the future.Readers will care for Aubrey from page one and will watch her grow until the very end, when she has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.Love, Aubrey is devastating, brave, honest, funny, and hopeful, and introduces a remarkable new writer, Suzanne LaFleur. No matter how old you are, this book is not to be missed.

Love, Aubrey is a heartbreaking novel about an 11 year old girl who suddenly loses both her father and younger sister Savannah in a car crash, and in essence, her mother too - who distances herself away from her daughter due to grief, and eventually leaves her alone until Aubrey's 'Gram' comes to bring her to her own house to stay.
Powerful. Emotional. Heartbreaking. Breathtaking. I finished this book in one sitting, a box of tissues by my side. Aubrey is portrayed as a determined young girl who naively believes she can survive on her own without anybody's help. She doesn't give up easily and always hopes that her mum will come back to her; that she hasn't forgotten about her. Suzanne depicts Aubrey's situation with compelling but simple words that evoke the emotions and feelings going through an 11 year old's fragile mind after a tragedy. I dare you to read it without tearing up..

Interview With Author Liz Kessler!

17 June 2012

Guess who agreed to let me interview her?!
The one and only LIZ KESSLER!!!
Yes I know your jealous!
In this interview I will be quizzing her on on her most recent book A Year Without Autumn to things like her five best tips for budding writers!
Happy Reading!

Hi! Welcome to Ebony Black Lines, Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Errr…what do you want to know? My name is Liz Kessler (I guess you knew that already.) I write books about mermaids, fairies, time travel and - coming soon - pirate dogs! But mostly about modern girls and friendship.

What was your inspiration for your recent book A Year Without Autumn?

It was just an idea that I got into my head about a lift that took you through time as well as through floors. I LOVE time travel!

Is there a time of day that you write best or get the most done?

Mornings. I love working when the house is quiet, the world outside is still asleep and I'm still in my pyjamas!

Did you always know you wanted to become an author?
Not always. When I was young (about eight/nine) I wanted to be a poet. Then I grew up and became an English teacher and a journalist - so writing was always there. But then when I was about thirty I suddenly knew I wanted to write a book.

What five tips would you give to budding writers?

1 Write what’s in your heart.
2 Be bold.
3 Work hard.
4 Listen to criticism from people you trust and ignore criticism from those who aren’t trying to help.
5 Don’t give up.  

Was writing your books hard? What was the most difficult part?

A lot of it is difficult. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Sometimes it's fixing a problem. Sometimes it's making yourself work when it's sunny outside! But the rewards outweigh all the difficult parts.

When your first book was published, what was your reaction and who did you tell first?

My reaction was to jump up and down in the air a lot of times, with my best friend who lived next door.

Lots of my readers love writing and aspire to be authors, could you give me a title or first line they could make in a story?
How about the first line of my first book…
'Can you keep a secret…?' ( Amazing! Thank you!. )

What is the best thing and worst thing about being an author?

Best: Getting so lost in a story that you realise it's late afternoon and you're still in your PJs because you were enjoying your work so much you forgot to get dressed.
Worst: I often have a bad back from sitting at my computer so much.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one of your books, which would it be?

Oooooh. Hard one. Hmmm. OK, at the moment it would be the one I'm working on, that comes out next year, North of Nowhere - because I still have a few things to figure out and it would keep me busy till someone rescued me.

Quick fire questions.

Pen or pencil? Pen.
Paper or Laptop? Both. Depends what stage I'm at.
Inside or Outside? Usually inside if I'm working on my computer - but outside (in the garden or on the beach) if it's sunny and I can work in my notebook.
Cat or Dog? DOG! Always!
Reading or Writing? Mostly writing, but a bit of reading is essential too!

Thank you so much!
Thank YOU! Great questions! :)

Interview With Blogger: The Purple Sky.

14 June 2012

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

Hi! I'm Juliet, the author of  A Purple Sky! My blogs about 9 months old, so it's semi-new!
My blog started off by being fairly inspiring, but now I try to post about once a week (although I've gone a couple times with a LONG time in between posts) and they're normally tags, contests, or music posts! But I'm working on a couple new inspirational posts, I promise!

Why did you start The Purple Sky?

I started A Purple Sky because I have a lot of opinions on things and I figured this would be a good way to tell people about them because I love to write (I want to be an author)! I also wanted to share my favorite things from other people and learn about new things and meet new people! (I have done both successfully, yay!)

How did you think of the name for your blog?

Here's a post about it:What Does It Mean?
That explains how I came up with it. But here's a short bit that I will write at this very moment:
I thought of it on a day when I was really depressed and I was actually writing a poem about my sadness (wow, that sounds so lame as I'm writing it!) but one of the lines was something about how your sky wont always be clear and bright, because you're going to be sad in your life, and I decided I wanted to start a blog to inspire people and get my readers to live their life. So that's how I came up with the name, and even though I don't post as much inspirational things as much anymore, I still hope I made somewhat of an impact on people in my earlier posts!

What is the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best thing is definitely when you log into your email and you see you have some new followers and comments because it makes me feel really happy and like I'm doing something right. I haven't figured out the worst thing yet. :) ( Hey That's Good Right?? )

What is your favourite weekly meme?

I actually don't participate in any memes! Have any good ones you'd like to share with me? :P ( Oh yeah! My Two! Check them out. One's Called B.A.B ( Blogging About Blurbs ) and another one is called Title Twisters.  I have pages for both below my header. Go!...Just read this post first! ;) )

How long have you been blogging for?

About two years, but A Purple Sky is the most successful because I started it when I was no longer an amateur to blogging! :P

What ambitions do you have for your blog in 2012?

Hmmm... great question! I would love to make it to 100 followers! I would also love to do my 200th post (hopefully) in 2012 and I will be celebrating A Purple Sky's first birthday in August! :)

Who are your favourite authors and what books do your particularly like?

I LOVE LAUREN OLIVER! You have to read Delirium (which is a trilogy, Pandemonium just came out a couple months ago.) It's absolutely amazing and my favorite book in the world; its a dystopian and it makes me cry. So does the second book. I have to wait until Feb. 2013 for the final book; AHHH! I also love Before I Fall by the same author, it has a great message! And it's also extremely sad! I also love Divergent by Veronica Roth, which is also a trilogy. The 2nd book just came out and I haven't read it yet, but the first book was amazing, so you should read that too! It's also dystopian (that's my favorite genre!, well actually tied with romance). And I love anything by Nicholas Sparks! Because they're all so cute and romantic.
Also, I apologize for any crazy grammar errors; when I get rambling about books it's hard for me to contain my excitement so I start typing like crazy and my fingers hurt. ( Haha that's fine I ramble too! )

Do you think you are like any fictional characters?

I try not to relate myself to anybody else (even fictional people) because I am so unique and awesome, its impossible for any authors to create anyone as amazing as me. :P

Do you like to read or daydream?

I absolutely love reading because I completely lose myself in the character's world. I could read all day. I guess I daydream too, but I don't remember. Are you supposed to remember when you daydream?
If you ever wrote a book someday, what do you think it will be about?
I have written books! I won Nanowrimo two years in a row (which have to be at least 50,000 words) and I'm hoping do it again this year. I don't share my ideas, though, because I wouldn't be able to make it sound good! haha :) ( WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Can I Read Them? Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?! )

Quick-fire Questions..

Book or E-book? Without a doubt book. I hope real books never die, but it's a worry of mine because e books are becoming so popular!
Reading Or Watching (films ect.)?  Reading! well, depends on the film. crap.
Writing Stories Or Blogging? Yikes! I love them both so much, I couldn't pick!
Dogs Or Cats? Neither! (allergic to cats, not a big fan of animals... which makes me sound really mean, but I'm not I promise!)
Romance Or Adventure? Romance without a doubt!
Classy Or Casual? Depends on where I'm going. When I'm sitting around, it's always an ugly tee shirt and shorts. but school I'm pretty classy I would have to say :P

Thanks for interviewing me!
Haha! No problemo!

Who's liking the purple theme I've got going on?
In keeping with THE PURPLE SKY and obviously my favourite colour is purple too! ( I am so jealous of your name! -_- ) so...What do you think? Did You like this interview?

Don't Forget To Smile! :D

Adios! xxx

Interview With Author Sophia Bennett!!!!!

08 June 2012

I am extremely ecstatic and grateful to Sophia for agreeing to let me interview her as I know she is working on her new book and is super busy.
She didn't have time to answer all my questions but the ones she did answer were answered amazingly!
For those of you who don't know. Sophia has written The Threads Trilogy which is absolutely incredible and also The Look. Which is equally adorable.
Sophia is one of my favourite authors so if you haven't read her books then go and read them. You won't be disappointed!

Why did you decide to call your books what you did?
Book names are a nightmare. Threads was originally going to be called Crow, but I changed my mind before I submitted the manuscript, because I thought the new title summed up the fashion theme better, and also it reflected the different lives of the four friends, all intertwined. However, I couldn't think of a good sequel title. It took my publisher and I weeks to come up with Beads, Boys & Bangles, and months to think of another alliterative title after that! However, I knew the title for The Look very early on. It reflected the fact that a model is chosen for the way she encapsulates a look that is decided by other people. It's down to luck whether or not you have 'the look' that the fashion industry happens to want at any one time. Once I had the title, I stuck with it and luckily my publisher liked it too.

Fashion plays a central part in the Threads trilogy, and also in The Look. Can you tell us why?
I didn't intend to write about fashion initially, but I loved the idea of a girl who was a secret fashion designer and ended up with her own catwalk show. It combined mystery, craftsmanship and a bit of theatre, all of which I loved. The secret girl became Crow and the story became Threads. I've always been interested in fashion designers and what they do, so I had a lot of anecdotes that I could weave into the story. It didn't take much extra research. And then I was asked by a fan of Threads about modelling, which I didn't know much about. It kept the fashion theme going. However, the book I'm writing at the moment isn't fashion-related. Except I do find myself still describing what everyone's wearing a lot.

What sort of fashion ‘research’ did you have to do for The Look and tell us about something you learnt in the process?
I made up the fashions in the book. If you describe what's current in the fashion world, it gets out of date so fast. Besides, it's great fun to invent new looks. I did do a great deal of research into modelling, however. I was fascinated by how much young girls are preyed on by people trying to make money out of them. So many aspiring models end up in debt, rather than making money. Also, how much rejection is involved in the modelling world. It's hard to get jobs (a bit like writing) and people say no to you a lot. You have to be tough to succeed. But also, you have to be professional and independent. I was impressed by how organised young models have to be, rushing around between jobs and castings, always making sure they're on time, with the right stuff in their bags, knowing what the client expects. But it's so short-lived. Models can be retired in their thirties! Unless they've made and saved enough money to last them for several decades afterwards, what do they do then? I have to say, despite the occasional glamour, I didn't envy them. The ones I admired were the girls who took the opportunity to learn an artistic skill. That comes out in the book, I hope.

Out of all of your book characters, which one would you like to meet most? 
Interesting! Maybe Harry, Nonie's brother, because he's so lovely. Or Nonie's Granny - who's based a little bit on my own, who died a long time ago. I still miss her. Probably Henry, Nonie's brother. He's perhaps the character I admire the most, although he isn't in the books much.

Have you ever had "writers block" when writing one of your books?
It's hard to say. I don't think there's an official definition of 'writer's block' - apart from finding it extremely hard! It's reassuring to know that most good writers suffer from it a lot, and just work through it. They tend to talk about the times it's all going well, not when they're struggling to make plots and characters work. I think it's important to keep writing. But if a story really isn't working, perhaps you need to leave it for a while and work on something else.

When writing a book, how many chapters do you think you write through-out one week? 
It varies massively. But when the writing's going well I might write a couple of chapters a day, including rewrites. The rewriting process is just as important, by the way. The first draft is just the start of it.

Who encouraged to keep writing a book, and not give up? 
I've been very lucky, in that my family are very supportive - all of them,  from my parents to my husband and children. Now, getting letters and emails from fans makes a big difference - and even from other authors, like the lovely Cathy Cassidy. I also have a supportive editor and publisher, so I'm surrounded by encouragement. It really, really helps!

When you were little, which books were your favourite?
Ballet Shoes, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Railway Children … lots of classics. Also, the Secret Seven series, Jill and her Pony, Veronica at the Wells (ballet) and a series of books by Anthony Buckeridge about a boy at boarding school called Jennings. They're hardly known now, but it's amazing how many writers my age loved them in the 1970s.

(Note: I have read all of them and if you haven't you really need to! They are amazing and Jennings is HILARIOUS!)

Quick Fire Questions:

Jewellery or Clothes? Clothes
Nonie or Crow? Difficult! Er. Erm. Ok - Crow.
Expensive Fashion Shops or Charity Shops? Charity shops. Every time. They have expensive stuff in - it's just older and more interesting. And now cheap.
Favourite Item Of Clothing? My cranberry red velvet wedding dress.
Bags or Shoes? Totally shoes.

Thank you so much!
Thank YOU, Jasmine! xxx

I hope you enjoyed the interview!
Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx

Feature and Follow Friday #4

It is the 100th Feature and Follow Friday so blogs are participating in a Giveaway Hop! Check out all the other blogs for cool prizes. I am not doing one though as I already have a give-away going. :)

This is a weekly blog meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

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I'm going to do my first feature and it's going to be the AMAZING, FANTABULISTIC blog Art For No Sake. This girl does not even realise how amusing and inspiring I find her blog. It's just AWESOME! She doesn't have a blog button just yet but shhh...I'm going to make her one. :)
This is the girl in question and Georgie is her name.

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx

Interview With Author Hilary McKay!

04 June 2012

I am very honoured to introduce to you the author of many amazing books, and the Casson Family Series Hilary McKay!
I adore The Casson Family Series and I have read them numerous times so I was elated when Hilary agreed to let me interview her.
For those of you who have not read her books; you need to. Now! She writes amazingly and when you read. You can just imagine the actual character talking to you.
They're amazing!
Onto the questions now!
I hope you enjoy!

Hi Hilary!

Hi Jasmine, here you go!

Welcome to EbonyBlackLines, could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your books?

I live in a little village on the edge of the English peak district, with my family (two children, one husband, one cat, need a dog) and over the years I have written a quite large range of stories- from picture books texts, to school stories, to books for older readers, such as the Casson books. Short stories too, now and then. Mostly 'real life' but occasionally fantasy.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an author?

A long time ago- it must be twenty years ago now, I was between jobs and living in the middle of nowhere and a friend happened to remark, 'You can write letters, so I should think you could write books.' So I thought I would see if she was right, and to a certain extent, in a limited kind of a way, she more or less was.

What challenges did you overcome to see your writing in print and can you tell us about the publishing process?

Very few challenges. I was incredibly lucky to meet a wonderful editor at the very beginning. Chris Kloet, then at Victor Gollancz. She made everything possible.
The publishing process! You are asking the wrong person here! It's a mystery to me.

How did you feel when you found out that your first book was going to be published?

Well, you know. " Oh good." That sort of feeling.

What gave you the inspiration for The Casson Family series?

I had a dream! I really did. An Italian garden and a little stone angel with chalked letters on the base. The rest came from there.

Are there any authors who you used to read a lot of when you were young?

Yes, dozens. I was a great reader, completely addicted from a very young age. Joan Aiken is the first name that comes to mind.

Can you share any tips or advice for us budding writers?

Read as wide a range as you can. Listen to the way people talk and their speech patterns. Keep a diary or a notebook. Write letters. Become comfortable with your medium.

Could you write a title or first line that we could make into a story?

The world was balanced, like a spinning plate, and they stood on the rim and faced a drop so infinitely blue that to fall would have been to fly.

What genre of book do you enjoy the most?

Non fiction (at the moment, but not for ever).

Do you write even when you're on holiday?

Only when the need is dire.

Quick Fire Questions:

Saffron Or Rose? Caddy!
Books Or E-Books? Books
Reading or Writing? Reading
Dogs or Cats? Both
Books Shops Or Library's? No, no, no! That's not a choice- it's a threat!

Thank you so much!

You can also purchase the prequel to The Casson Family Series at most book shops.
Caddy's World.

Thank you for reading. :)
I hope you enjoy my interviews.
Just to let you know I have another interview coming soon with AN AMAZING AUTHOR!
Shall I tell you?
Lol I will...

(author of the Threads series and The Look.)

Au Revoir!!

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx