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03 April 2012

There Are Book Worms And There Are BOOK WORMS!


So yesterday i went to the library and picked up some books i ordered...
Here they are..Lol it was quite funny, half the books were a series i'd ordered at different times and they came all at once!

1. A Year Without Autumn. By Liz Kessler

2. My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece

3. The Maximum Ride Series By James Patterson


That very same day my books arrived that i'd been waiting for..I ordered them a week ago....

1. Cuckoo In The Nest By Michelle Magorian

And its sequel..

2. A Spoonful Of Jam By Michelle Magorian

So as you can see i've got a lot of reading to do!

Don't Forget To Smile!


  1. Cool! Those books sound good :D

  2. great books!

    I've heard of a year without autumn, but not any of the others!


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