Interview With Author Cathy Cassidy

24 April 2012

Wow! My second interview in a week! I'm so happy I managed to get in contact with the amazing Cathy Cassidy and she agreed to let me interview her! :D
Now just to let y'all know I have scheduled this post for 7:30pm Tuesday 24th so please could you tell me whether it worked?!
Thanks to Neevie for telling me how it worked and thanks to Bex for telling her!

Check out Cathy Cassidy's website HERE.

NOW! Onto the questions!!! :D

Welcome To EbonyBlackLines, Could You Tell Us A Bit More About Yourself?
I'm Cathy Cassidy and I write books for children and young teens. My new book, Summer's Dream, will be out on 7th June - it's the third book in my Chocolate Box Girls series.

How Was The Tour You Have Just Been On?
I'm just setting off - typing this reply while at the ferry terminal! I'll be going to N Ireland, Galway, Dublin, Greater Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh... and there'll be another mega tour in June when the new book comes out! That one should include Coventry, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Northampton, Birmingham and much more...

Did You Always Know You Wanted To Be A Writer?
I always knew I'd LIKE to be a writer but I wasn't sure it would ever happen!

What Inspired You To Write Your First Book?
I'd been trying to write a book length story for many years and usually fizzled out after two or three chapters. With Dizzy, my first published book, it was different... I was determined to try to finish the story and pushed on even though I wasn't sure what happened next. The story came to life and before I knew it, I'd written my first book!

What Was The Hardest Challenge You Faced While Pursuing Your Dream To Be A Writer?
Learning to push past those first few chapters - and understanding that it takes a great deal of hard work over a period of years to actually learn the craft of writing. Practice, practice, practice!

Many Readers Love Writing and Aspire To Be Writers When They Are Older. Please Could You Suggest A Title Or First Line That They Could Turn Into A Story?
The very first time I set eyes on Riley Sullivan, I knew he was trouble...

What Is You Favourite Place To Sit While Writing And What Is You Favourite Snack While Writing?!
My writing shed is where I love to work - it's very pretty, painted blue and has a veranda. Chocolate is, sadly, my fave snack - while writing and at any other time! I like it a bit too much... have to ration myself!

What Gives You The Inspiration For Your Books?
My readers... well, young people in general. It's a fascinating age - you're not children any more yet nor are you adult. Teens and pre-teens are poised on the edge of their lives, and everything is still possible - that's pretty cool when you think about it!

If You Could Be Any Character In One Of Your Books...Who Would It Be And Why?
I'd like to be Scarlett for a day because she's such a rebel... and I'm pretty shy. It'd be great to tackle life head-on the way she does!

Do You Base Your Characters On Real People At All?
No... I'd get into trouble if I did!

Quick Fire Questions..:

Paperback Or Hardback?
Paperback - except for the Chocolate Box Girls series, as the hardbacks are the COOLEST book covers ever...

Indoors Or Outdoors?
Indoors... with a few country walks thrown in each day to keep me sane!

Cherry Or Sky?
Both! Can't choose!

Summer Or Winter?
Summer... but Spring & Autumn are better still!

Writing Or Reading?
Both! If I had to choose, though, it'd have to be writing.

No, Thank YOU!!!

Check out her books too! 

I Hope You Enjoyed The Interview!

Don't Forget To Smile! :D xxx


  1. Oooh, congrats on getting in your second interview in a week! By the way, yes, I think your scheduled post did work - but I think it was published at 7:39 rather than 7:30 but that's pretty close anyway...
    Awesome interview, Jasmine! :)

  2. Oh this is awesome! I used to love Cathy Cassidy books when I was younger! So glad you dropped by my blog because I love yours! :)

  3. Congrats on scoring an interview with Cathy Cassidy! Fab blog you have here! Xx


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