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05 April 2012

That's my blog button!  Do you like it?  I've seen all your lovely blog buttons so I decided to make one for Ebony Black Lines.  Here's what you do to add it to your blog. . .

1.  Click on 'Design' in the top bar of your blog.

2.  Click on 'Layout' which will be down the side.

3.  Click 'Add Gadget'

4.  Click 'Picture' (Or something about pictures!)

5.  Add this picture, you can save it from this post.

6.  copy and paste my web address into the 'Link' text box

7.    Save!

So, do YOU have a blog button, I'd love to see it! If you do, leave a comment telling me the name of your blog and I'll try and find it!

That's All For Now!

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D x


  1. Hi!

    Love your blog button!
    How do you make one?

    1. Well i can make one for you if you want? I made it on Picnik but you'd better hurry becuz it closes in ONE DAY!!! :( HURRY! x

    2. Thanks-oops, I'm too late!
      I'll try the Google+ thing...

    3. Oh, and if you could design one for me, that would be so cool thanks!!!
      I'll give you a special mention on my blog-and you can do a guest post on my blog!
      I'm not very good at getting and idea you see, but I'm good at the drawing bit!

    4. Ok sure! What google + thing?


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