Mini Haul :D

28 April 2012

Hey all :)

I've just got back from WHSmith so I thought I'd update you on the new books I got.
I was actually hoping to get more than four but in the end they didn't have all the ones I wanted...Maybe next time! ;)

1. The Secret Hen House Theatre. By Helen Peters.

I was surprised when I saw this book on the shelf. I'm not trying to say anything horrible but mostly whenever I go to book shops all I see on the shelves are dark, gloomy books about paranormal activities, death and murder, vampires, ghosts and other weird and wonderful things.

As I said I'm not trying to say anything horrible because I do enjoy reading a fantasy book every once in a while and I do know there are MANY WONDERFUL AUTHORS out there who do not write anything about fantasy at all. What made me laugh was that it was the only boom with a coloured spine and a ''normal'' cover on amidst a sea of black and grey
books. I think that's the thing that stood out to me and made me pick it up, otherwise  I don't think I would have noticed it.

I've never heard of it before and I don't know anybody that has read it but it sounds interesting so hopefully, once I've read it, I'll share my thoughts with you and do a review on it for you WONDERFUL readers I have!! :D

2.  The Truth About Celia Frost. By Paula Rawsthorne.

I'd been wanting to get this book for ages so you can imagine my delight when I saw it jammed on the shelf in WHSmith!

I have high expectations for this book as I have heard so much about it and I've read so many amazing reviews on this I'd better not be disappointed! ;)

Has anybody else read this?

What did you think of it?


3. The Valley of Secrets. By Charmain Hussey.

 Another book I have not heard of before this is a densely packed book with minute writing in, but as my mum said; " You can read a chapter a day! "

It seems quite different from what I usually read so I hope it will widen my views and opinions on books I have never read before.

I can't see anything wrong with it and what I hope will happen is I will read the book and maybe it will help my writing style to broaden!

Has anybody read this?


4. White Boots. By Noel Streatfeild.

I have practically all of Noel's books and I love them all..So when I saw this one staring back at me I just couldn't resist!

''White Boots'' is probably the only one of her books I haven't read and I can probably safely say I will definitely love this book as I haven't disliked any of her other ones at all.

I am hopefully going to do reviews on all these..I'm really sorry I keep saying I will do reviews and then I end up not doing them. They are on my radar but at the moment they're not priority as I have dreaded exams creeping up on me in two weeks..:(

I don't even know when I will get round to reading the books but hopefully soon I will have read them and I promise you, as soon as my exams are over and I am free to do what I want ( *Looks up to the sky with a dreamy expression on face* ) I will DEFINITELY do them for you!
And If I Don't..Please feel free to remind me!

That's all for now!
My dinner is calling me and my stomach is rumbling in anticipation!

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D xxx

Interview With Author Cathy Cassidy

24 April 2012

Wow! My second interview in a week! I'm so happy I managed to get in contact with the amazing Cathy Cassidy and she agreed to let me interview her! :D
Now just to let y'all know I have scheduled this post for 7:30pm Tuesday 24th so please could you tell me whether it worked?!
Thanks to Neevie for telling me how it worked and thanks to Bex for telling her!

Check out Cathy Cassidy's website HERE.

NOW! Onto the questions!!! :D

Welcome To EbonyBlackLines, Could You Tell Us A Bit More About Yourself?
I'm Cathy Cassidy and I write books for children and young teens. My new book, Summer's Dream, will be out on 7th June - it's the third book in my Chocolate Box Girls series.

How Was The Tour You Have Just Been On?
I'm just setting off - typing this reply while at the ferry terminal! I'll be going to N Ireland, Galway, Dublin, Greater Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh... and there'll be another mega tour in June when the new book comes out! That one should include Coventry, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Northampton, Birmingham and much more...

Did You Always Know You Wanted To Be A Writer?
I always knew I'd LIKE to be a writer but I wasn't sure it would ever happen!

What Inspired You To Write Your First Book?
I'd been trying to write a book length story for many years and usually fizzled out after two or three chapters. With Dizzy, my first published book, it was different... I was determined to try to finish the story and pushed on even though I wasn't sure what happened next. The story came to life and before I knew it, I'd written my first book!

What Was The Hardest Challenge You Faced While Pursuing Your Dream To Be A Writer?
Learning to push past those first few chapters - and understanding that it takes a great deal of hard work over a period of years to actually learn the craft of writing. Practice, practice, practice!

Many Readers Love Writing and Aspire To Be Writers When They Are Older. Please Could You Suggest A Title Or First Line That They Could Turn Into A Story?
The very first time I set eyes on Riley Sullivan, I knew he was trouble...

What Is You Favourite Place To Sit While Writing And What Is You Favourite Snack While Writing?!
My writing shed is where I love to work - it's very pretty, painted blue and has a veranda. Chocolate is, sadly, my fave snack - while writing and at any other time! I like it a bit too much... have to ration myself!

What Gives You The Inspiration For Your Books?
My readers... well, young people in general. It's a fascinating age - you're not children any more yet nor are you adult. Teens and pre-teens are poised on the edge of their lives, and everything is still possible - that's pretty cool when you think about it!

If You Could Be Any Character In One Of Your Books...Who Would It Be And Why?
I'd like to be Scarlett for a day because she's such a rebel... and I'm pretty shy. It'd be great to tackle life head-on the way she does!

Do You Base Your Characters On Real People At All?
No... I'd get into trouble if I did!

Quick Fire Questions..:

Paperback Or Hardback?
Paperback - except for the Chocolate Box Girls series, as the hardbacks are the COOLEST book covers ever...

Indoors Or Outdoors?
Indoors... with a few country walks thrown in each day to keep me sane!

Cherry Or Sky?
Both! Can't choose!

Summer Or Winter?
Summer... but Spring & Autumn are better still!

Writing Or Reading?
Both! If I had to choose, though, it'd have to be writing.

No, Thank YOU!!!

Check out her books too! 

I Hope You Enjoyed The Interview!

Don't Forget To Smile! :D xxx

Interview With Author Luisa Plaja!

22 April 2012


I was ecstatic when Luisa Plaja agreed to let me interview her as she is an amazing author, she gives great advice and it is my first EVER interview with a real live author! LOL. Before I Say anything else I just wanted to thank her for EVERYTHING! Following Me, letting me interview her, giving me advice on things I was confused about. I appreciate everything you do. So here are her wonderful answers.

Interview with Luisa Plaja -

*What was your favourite book as a child?
I can think of more than one book that I adored and read again and again! Two of them are Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers and Masha by Mara Kay. I still own copies of both of them, though Masha is now out of print. I still re-read them sometimes, too.

*If you could be any character in a book, who would you be and why?
Ooh, I'm not sure! If it was one of my own books, I think I'd like to be Jo from Split by a Kiss and see what it's like to experience two lives at the same time. If I could be a character in someone else's book, there are endless interesting possibilities! For example, I'd like to be a champion ice-skater from one of Kay Woodward's Skate School books...

*Can you tell us a secret about yourself? Something that readers might be surprised to learn.
When I was a teenager, I read and watched a lot of horror stories and I wanted to write a horror novel. 

*If you could choose one book that you would have loved to have written, which one would it be and why?
Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers! I love its humour and light-heartedness, combined with the exploration of identity. I was thrilled when I got the chance to write my own body swap novel, Swapped by a Kiss.

*Lots of readers love writing and aspire to be authors when they grow older. Please could you suggest a first line, or title; for them to turn into a story?
Great question! Hmm, let's see... How about "Overheard..." as a title or a first line. Or maybe you could write down the next bit of conversation you overhear from strangers in the street, in the shops or on the bus, and see if it sparks your imagination...

*What inspired you to become a writer?
A passion for language, and a love of stories in all their forms.

*If you weren't a writer, what job would you have liked to have?
Anything to do with words! I've already had some great wordy jobs, such as television subtitling and dictionary editing. Anything like that makes me very happy.

*What inspired you to write 'Kiss, Date, Love, Hate' ?
I was watching my niece creating Sims characters and deciding which of them would get together and/or fall out. I thought, "What if you did that for Sims based on your friends... and your settings came true in real life?" I couldn't wait to try it out in a fictional world.

*Where do you usually write your books and why?
In the past I've mostly written on my laptop while sitting on my children's bedroom floor. This was so that if they woke up, they'd see me and go back to sleep without a fuss. Now that they're a bit older, I still write on my laptop but I sometimes sit in actual chairs.

*Favourite snack when your writing? 
I'm not sure about snacks, but I drink lots of tea. (And I try desperately not to spill it on my laptop, but this doesn't always work.)

Thank you very much for interviewing me!
Thank YOU! 

She also gave me this link so I thought I'd share it with you: (she write the tips herself :) ):
Book Reviewing Tips

I Hope You Enjoyed The Interview! :D

Blog Button

05 April 2012

That's my blog button!  Do you like it?  I've seen all your lovely blog buttons so I decided to make one for Ebony Black Lines.  Here's what you do to add it to your blog. . .

1.  Click on 'Design' in the top bar of your blog.

2.  Click on 'Layout' which will be down the side.

3.  Click 'Add Gadget'

4.  Click 'Picture' (Or something about pictures!)

5.  Add this picture, you can save it from this post.

6.  copy and paste my web address into the 'Link' text box

7.    Save!

So, do YOU have a blog button, I'd love to see it! If you do, leave a comment telling me the name of your blog and I'll try and find it!

That's All For Now!

Don't Forget To Smile!! :D x

Mini Haul.

03 April 2012

There Are Book Worms And There Are BOOK WORMS!


So yesterday i went to the library and picked up some books i ordered...
Here they are..Lol it was quite funny, half the books were a series i'd ordered at different times and they came all at once!

1. A Year Without Autumn. By Liz Kessler

2. My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece

3. The Maximum Ride Series By James Patterson


That very same day my books arrived that i'd been waiting for..I ordered them a week ago....

1. Cuckoo In The Nest By Michelle Magorian

And its sequel..

2. A Spoonful Of Jam By Michelle Magorian

So as you can see i've got a lot of reading to do!

Don't Forget To Smile!