Top Ten Books On My TBR List.

21 March 2012

 I hope your all having a great week! :) Its time for Top Ten Tuesday! And this week we pick our "top ten books" we want/are *praying!* hoping to read this spring....

Top Ten Books I Hope To read This Spring.

Secrets Of The Henna Girl. Sufiya Ahmed

My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece. Annabel Pitcher

Cinder. Marissa Mever

The Look. Sophia Bennett

Torn. Cat Clarke

Eight Keys. Suzanne LaFleur

Jay. Elizabeth Laird

A Year Without Autumn. Liz Kessler

Rasberries On The Yangtze. Karen Wallace

Stealing Stacey. Lynne Reid Banks.

That's All For Now. :)

Don't Forget To Smile.! :D



  1. I have read 'The Look' 'A Year without Autumn' and 'Stealing Stacey' they are all really good! I hope you'll get to read all of those book that are on your list! I have read a different book by Suzanne LaFleur, it's called 'Love Aubrey' it's really good, have you read it? I've done a review of 'The Look' on my blog, I think you've seen it. Thank you so much for being a follower, I'm reading this on my iPod touch so I can't follow you now but I will when I get home to my computer!!! Great blog BTW…

  2. Awwwh Thanku:0 Thats Good To Know I Have Some Recommended Books On My List! Yepp I Read The Look On Ur Blog And I Cant Wait To Read It! Thats Fine;) And Yes Ive Read The Other Book By Suzanne LaFleur Too..Thats why I Decided To Get Another Of her Books! ;)
    Lol Aren't U At Skool?! ;) x

    1. Nope, I'm sick today and STILL not feeling well ;( Aren't you at school? doesn't high school finish at 3:35? Did you mean it when you asked me if I wanted to do a guest post? I would love too! What would you want it to be about?

    2. Yes i did mean it! Do u have an email address i can tell you on?..Or shall i tell you myn?..Awwh i hope u get better soon:) Lool read my second post ever and you'll see why i had time to comment!! :)

  3. Wow, suprisingly I never knew this. I have been reading your blog alot over the past few days and it has earned a place in my bookmarks.


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